There are a lot of people who love playing in casinos. They can test their luck whenever they place some bets and take home winnings. It also lets players have fun and socialize with other people, especially on table games.

With the help of technology, players are also given the chance to enjoy these games at home. After an easy sign up, players can choose from a lot of online casino games that can rival the number of those that are available in land casinos.

Although slot games are the most abundant game choice in any casino platform, a lot of players love playing live games too. With live dealer games, players can realize that there is not much to miss about land casinos as the same games can also be as thrilling.

The most popular live dealer game players love is poker. Here, players can test their luck and their strategies against other players. If you haven’t tried playing any live or any video poker games before, here are some reasons why you should:

Poker is easy to learn

Online poker follows simpler mechanics compared to the live version of the games. They are easy to use and understand, simply because they can already be enjoyed in just a few clicks. If you are a beginner, the online platform can guide you on when you should be placing your bets. That way, you can easily follow the flow of the game even if you’re a beginner.

More so, playing online poker also spares newbies from the embarrassment and the intimidation of being faced with more experienced players. It also doesn’t require them to show their faces on screen.

There are many varieties

Since land casino games are limited to available space, the online platform can host more poker games for players to enjoy. Upon scrolling through all the options, players will see that there are more poker variants to choose from.

Browsing through all the available poker options allows players to enjoy the game’s different formats. While some of these follow the traditional rules, some game developers include additional twists to make the games more interesting.

The games are faster

Playing online poker is faster compared to the gameplay in land casinos. In the brick and mortar setting, there is a consistent need to shuffle, deal, and sort out the chips. With technology, players can play more than 90 hands per hour rather than in the traditional setting that only allows 30.

They are more convenient

One of the struggles players face in the traditional setting is how they would have to wait for tables to have an empty seat. While waiting, players would have to watch the games patiently as they wait for their turn. However, that is not the case for online poker as various servers can accommodate players right away.

They can be enjoyed with bonuses

Online casinos are often generous with bonuses, especially to players who are loyal to the site. Among the popular ones are free spins which are meant to be used on slot games. Of course, online casinos also have bonuses for their live table games. One of these is deposit bonuses that can be claimed once the site’s wagering requirements are fulfilled.

With these, players can use their additional credits to increase the amount of their bets or place more bets. Therefore, this makes players realize that they can withdraw higher winnings while depositing less.


These are just some of the reasons why players should try online video poker games. By keeping these things in mind and by trying out your chances and strategies in this amazing card game, you will have a great time in your chosen online casino.

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