In today’s gaming ecosystem, PCs, consoles, and smartphones are the main devices people take into consideration. Because of that, it looks like a very versatile device has been forgotten – the tablet. They can provide a considerably better gaming experience than a smartphone but they are present less in the spotlight.

Smartphones are great for gaming because a lot of people own them. However, more and more manufacturers focus their attention on tablets as they represent a device that could potentially even replace laptops. In this article, we will make the case for why tablets are better than smartphones for gaming.

Screen Size

Gaming is often all about that screen real estate. The hunt for the next best, biggest and brightest display began a long time ago. Right now, there’s no PC monitor retailing that’s not delivering a top-quality experience with vivid colors and large screen size. Even laptops are getting their displays constantly upgraded.

Smartphone manufacturers have played this game as well but from a different angle. Rather than focusing on the screen size per se, they focused more on phones with a bigger screen-to-body ratio and brighter displays with fast refresh rates. OLED smartphones with 90Hz refresh rates have become the norm now.

But, their screens are still rather tiny for gaming. Tablets have bigger screens that remove any need for using extra gaming gadgets to have a satisfying gameplay session. Moreover, there are a lot of 2-in-1 tablets that allow you to easily attach and detach a keyboard to the screen and further enhance your experience. This makes tablets considerably more versatile than phones.

More Power

Tablets are bigger, with an average screen size average of about 10-inch. This means that there’s more space to pack the tablet with powerful hardware. A lot of mobile games don’t require the latest specs to deliver a satisfying experience but even they can struggle running sometimes on low-power devices.

Casino games like the Gaminator free slots can run on pretty much any devices, including Android 4.1 phones and tablets. This enables a larger part of the population to have fun gambling, especially those that don’t have access to higher grade gadgets. A lot of other niches besides the casino one don’t require the latest hardware either, putting less emphasis on performance.

But, if you do want to play top titles like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile then you might find the extra horsepower helpful. Moreover, tablets have more space underneath the hood and this reduces the chances of overheating. A cooler device will not hinder your gaming performance much, delivering an overall better gameplay experience.

Battery Life

Battery life is becoming a more and more important subject in the smartphone market nowadays. Batteries of about 3000-4000mAh are becoming ordinary as hardware specifications in phones and tablets increase so fast. A more powerful processor and the brighter display will have higher power consumption, making a 3000mAh battery barely enough.

Even if certain flagship smartphones released this year pack 5000mAh batteries, that’s not any remotely extraordinary when compared to tablets. Most tablets have a battery life of about 7000-10000 mAh. Although the power consumption of a tablet is higher, that extra juice makes up for it. A bigger battery life means that you’re able to play games for longer, without having to be plugged in. This opens up a whole new spectrum of possibilities.


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