Enter any casino nowadays and you’ll be struck by how many games are available to play. There are dozens of differently themed slot machines, gleaming in rows of electronic lights and music. Table games spread across the floor, with dealers and croupiers calling bets and raking chips. Gamblers are lucky to be completely spoiled for choice when choosing games to play, especially as there are so many options under one roof. And while each plays differently, has different odds of winning, and requires different amounts of input from the player, everyone has a different favorite.

Some casino games require you to know the rules of the game beforehand, and others are so simple you can pick them up on the spot. Some require more skill than others, while others are purely down to how lucky you are on the night. Of course, some games are easier to win than others, and some have bigger prizes. So it can be beneficial to consider what you want out of the evening before diving straight in, especially as some tables will be full and you’ll have to wait for a seat.

Of course this isn’t a problem at online casinos, and they typically offer all the same games that you’ll find at a bricks and mortar establishment, but without any of the waiting around. For example, this PA online casino plays host to a huge range of games, meaning you’re bound to find a game which suits your mood and experience level. So, where should you start?

Eneba Many GEOs


If you’re looking for a game that doesn’t require any prior preparation, then head straight for the roulette table. In roulette, the croupier spins a large wheel with numbered slots in it, and tosses in a small ball. Players bet on which number, or combination of numbers, they think the ball will land on. Bet on a single number, and you have a low chance of winning a high jackpot. Bet on a group of numbers, and your chances of winning increase, but your prize goes down.


Someone that gets more of a thrill from high-risk, high-reward situations might prefer to play blackjack. You will need to know how to play before you join a table, and this doesn’t just mean learning the rules, but also studying some strategies. Blackjack requires you to beat the dealer, not the players around you, so it’s a very sociable game and you can play at a table with several friends without worrying that you’re taking money from each other. Blackjack requires a good mix of luck as well as skill, because you have no control over the cards which are dealt to you. However it has one of the best odds of any casino game. Blackjack is a great choice for people who want to feel that they have some control over the game, as your choices do affect the outcome of your hand.

3 Card Poker

Another popular card game is 3 card poker. You’ll need to know your poker hands before you play, but with only three cards, the number of winning combinations is reduced. There are only two betting stages as well – ante and play bets – which happen before your cards are dealt, then then when deciding whether to play them or not. With no communal cards dealt, 3 card poker is a lot less intense than 5 card poker, and an easy entry into the game for people who want to give it a try. For those who want a game to show off their skills, this is the one to try.


If you aren’t too bothered about walking away with extra money, but would rather just enjoy playing games, then slots could be the choice for you. Notoriously the lowest odds for winning out of any casino game, they are however great fun to play and come in many different themes. You can choose how much to pay per spin, with higher amounts either multiplying your winnings or adding win lines, and then set the reels in motion. Scoring combinations of two or three matching symbols on a win line will reward you with credits or coins. Many machines also offer bonus games and the chance to win free spins. Slot machines are so popular nowadays that they can occupy up to half of the casino floor space!


A popular casino game which relies more on luck than skill is keno. Similar to bingo, you are given a card of numbers where you can select up to 20. If the numbers drawn by the casino match yours, then you are a winner. Keno is often played alongside other games, with keno draws being made infrequently, to give everyone who wants to, a chance to play. Keno is great for people who aren’t too bothered about winning or losing, but just like the excitement of being in with a chance.

Whether you want a game where you can show off your skills, or just something easy and casual to play, the casino will almost certainly have something to suit your preferences.

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