So it happened again – our old, good friend winter has arrived. And with that – frosted car windows, dark days, cold temperature, and the diminished will to go outside and do anything.

Because of the fewer sunlight hours during the day, you might feel a bit unhappy, lazy, and bored. Don’t worry; we’re right here with you. The good news is: the fun times will eventually come back. But first, we have to get through these dark, gloomy days together.

Luckily, there are a few ways to beat winter blues. Would you like to discover the most fun indoor activities for cold winter time with us? Make yourself comfortable and keep reading.


Play Games

Although the snow outside provides many opportunities to come up with fun winter games, the indoor activities might be just as fun. For instance, you can try playing some games in the company of your family members, spouse, or kids.

A perfect way to bond is through playing board games – think Taboo or Monopoly to get a bit competitive. If you would like to develop some analytical and logical thinking skills, you can try out chess, too – it’s having a major comeback this year!

If you need to entertain yourself solo, you can still play some online games. For some healthy rivalry, look up good casinos online to play Poker or Blackjack. This way, you can learn something new, enjoy yourself, or even win some money if the fortune smiles at you!

Lastly, you might kill time playing video games. Now, as the newest PlayStation 5 is available, you will have more games than ever to choose from. Think the Witcher for excellent action gameplay, the Sims 4 for a fun life simulation, and Gran Turismo 7 for car racing. With video games, you can do it all without ever leaving your house.

Get Some Creative Boost!

Winter is a great time to get your creative juices flowing. As you’ll be staying indoors anyway, why not pick up some new hobby to boost your imagination and artistic skills? Who knows – maybe you have a great talent and don’t even know about it?

If you’re into art, look up painting courses on YouTube or Pinterest and try to create your own unique painting. If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can begin by making mandalas – they don’t require professional technique and are quite simple to do.

Moreover, you may also try out writing. Creating a short poem or even a novel will let your writing skills shine, as well as let you express yourself in a healthy, mindful way. No more bottling up emotions – put them down on a paper, and you will feel better in no time.

Wintertime is a perfect moment to get crafty, too. Trust us – there is no better way to feel good about yourself than making something with your own hands. To spend your time in a productive and creative way, try knitting – you can find multiple tutorials for that on the web. You can make yourself a hat, a headband, or even a sweater – it will be good for your mind, wallet, and planet too.

If knitting is not your thing, consider making a macrame. Creating those cord decorations is not hard to learn and might be a great time filler; if you’re good at it, you can even monetize your passion by selling your creations online. Get crafty!

Get Sporty

We know that cold winter days go much better with hot chocolate and cake than with a healthy, sporty lifestyle. However, getting sporty will make your mind and body feel better. You have to trust us on this one: performing sports activities will result in a great body and major serotonin and dopamine boost – just what you need to survive winter.

Our ideas? We’ve got plenty! To heal both your body and soul, you can try yoga or meditation. If you’re into Tik Tok dances, you might learn a dancing sequence, too. If you’re a fan of long bike rides – although during winter it’s a no go, you might want to consider purchasing an indoor bike. You can watch some travel movies while pedaling to make this experience a little bit more adventurous.

Plant an Indoor Garden

Staying indoors gives you a chance to start an indoor garden. Most of the time, this doesn’t require much effort or time and yields excellent results!

You can plant some herbs, which will then come in handy in the kitchen. For instance, your own mint will be perfect for good tea. Consider planting basil, rosemary, and parsley to spice up your kitchen game.

Or maybe you would like to decorate your house with some new plants? They will be both a beautiful accessory for your home design and a best friend to your lungs, making the air in your house fresh and healthy.


Or Maybe… Netflix & Chill?

Indeed, winter may be quite a difficult period. At times, it might get boring, sad, or even depressive. If you’re profoundly experiencing all the harmful effects of this challenging time, just try to make yourself feel better. If none of our advice works, remember that, in the end, it’s not about us – it’s about you.

Do something comforting, and don’t feel bad about it. You can simply wrap yourself in a nice fuzzy blanket! Think about those dark winter days as your cocoon time – after spending enough time in your safe cave, you will be ready to come back to shine when the first spring days come. So put on some good Netflix show – might be the one that is always making you laugh, such as Friends or How I Met Your Mother, or a new one, that’s been forever on your to-watch list. Then, make yourself some good tea and relax. You deserve it.

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