The lines between gaming and gambling have become increasingly blurred over the past few years, with the two sectors now inextricably linked.

From a gaming perspective, advancements in technology have allowed developers to create multi-level titles that bear little resemblance to the earliest video games.

It is a similar story in the gambling industry, with tech helping to power feature-rich creations across genres such as slots, bingo and many more.

Read on as we take a closer look at both gaming and gambling, and assess where things are heading in the future.

Boom Time for Gaming and Gambling

The gaming and gambling industries are booming right now, with both sectors generating huge annual revenues.

On the gaming side of things, the likes of Sony and Microsoft have collectively sold more than 150 million units of their latest consoles.

The gambling is also in rude health, with experts predicting that that yearly global revenues could top $60 million by the end of 2020.

Advancements in technology across each sector should drive further growth, but it is the crossover between the two that perhaps offers the biggest potential.

Gamification Powering Gambling Growth

Online casinos are now unrecognisable from the original sites that sprang up during the 1990s, with tech transforming what operators are able to offer.

Gamification – the process of adding more game-like features to gambling – has been central to this, taking casino play into a completely different stratosphere.

Modern games are not just about winning the jackpot, but are now more about the journey a player takes to get to that point.

Gamification encourages greater engagement with the different types of casino games and undoubtedly helps to increase the level of enjoyment from playing them.

Consoles Bring Gaming into the Mainstream

Tech has driven huge growth in gambling and that has been mirrored by developments in the gaming sector too.

The launch of consoles in the 1980s took gaming into homes across the world, but it was the creation of the internet during the following decade that took things to another level.

Sony and Microsoft have been at the forefront of the charge, with various incarnations of the PlayStation and Xbox proving to be huge commercial successes.

The launch of their next-generation consoles during the latter of part of 2020 will only serve to keep gaming in the forefront of public consciousness.

Bringing the Two Sectors Together

Gamification changed the way casino games were played and modern console tech looks poised to add another layer into the mix, further cementing the crossover between each sector.

Previous consoles didn’t really cater for online casino players, but the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have the potential to change that forever.

Some leading developers have already started to integrate gambling elements into their games and more are tipped to join the party over the coming months.

The prospect of enjoying an immersive casino experience on console is an enticing one, opening the door for the lines between gaming and gambling to become even more blurry.

Gaming & Gambling – The Final Word

It is impossible to dispute that gaming and gambling are joined at the hip, with each one having at least one foot firmly in the other camp.

The trend towards gaming-type experiences in gambling is unlikely to slow down any time soon, while the prospect of casinos migrating onto console is an exciting prospect.

With eSports also in the mix to bring gaming and gambling even closer together, it is highly likely that the two sectors will become even more intertwined over the next few years.

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