One of the things that bummed me out a little about the idea of an IT movie with adult versions of the younger cast, was the concept that maybe the younger cast wouldn’t be in the second chapter. This was most likely ignorant of me to think that and in no way do I have anything against the older cast, it was just that the kids featured in 2017’s IT film were so talented and so great to watch. Now that filming is underway for IT: Chapter Two, I can see that I was wrong and that we will still be getting glimpses of the younger versions of the Losers Club.

We’ve reported about a young Bill and Beverly, but now we’re also getting a glimpse at the rest of the gang in newly released photos. While they don’t offer too much, it’s still great to see that we’re still getting the kids back together. And I’m going to go on a limb and say that perhaps the reason for all these flashbacks is the return to Derry, Maine is bringing these memories out of the older cast. I’d love if maybe everyone had lost contact and going back reminds them of how close they were and how such a horrific event, in fact, brought them all closer. Considering how well done the first film was, I have no doubt we’ll see the same kind of dedication with the older cast. Andy Muschietti returns to direct IT: Chapter Two and the script is written by Gary Dauberman, who also wrote the first movie’s script.


Eneba Many GEOs


IT: Chapter Two is set to hit theaters September 6, 2019.

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