Say what you will about Game of Thrones’s latest episode or season eight in general, what “The Last of the Starks” did give us was a callback to some of the best moments from the HBO series. Somewhere in between seasons three and four, we were given an unlikely pairing with the Hound and Arya Stark. The grumpy older warrior had the bad-ass in the making as a traveling companion and while the two butt heads at times, it was really great to watch. Their time together came to an end when we all thought Brienne of Tarth killed Sandor Clegane, but luckily the character returned in season six.

Season eight reunited the two characters, who has both grown since they last saw each other. Despite how things were last left between them, we saw how Arya not only saved the Hound in episode three, but how the Hound regained the will to fight due to Arya’s strength and courage. Towards the end of episode four, as the Starks found out Jon’s true identity, it seems that Arya has decided not to stay at Winterfell, despite the whole series being her journey to get back home. Regardless, she runs into Sandor who is also on his way out, as it seems that things have become both too buddy-buddy and awkward for him to stay. Thus, the two are back on the road again and isn’t it a shame we only have two more episodes to go to flesh this out?

A new, hilarious title sequence was imagined by filmmaker Lance Krall of Picture It Productions. Using clips from their time together, we’re given an imagery spinoff sitcom featuring the two. Give a look below!

Game of Thrones might be ending, but we can always imagine this fun spinoff show. How did you feel about the Hound and Arya getting back on the road?

Source: Nerdist

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