With production beginning on the 6th and probably final season of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” what have we learned so far? We know that the title of the first episode of the 13 episode season is “Missing Pieces” and it is directed by the “Son of Coul” himself, Clark Gregg. This isn’t Gregg’s first time in the directors chair as he directed Season 5 episode “Fun and Games.” We also know that Jeff Ward has been signed as a series regular in his role as Fitzsimmons Grandson Zeke. More lemons for Quake it would seem.

Eneba Many GEOs
The fact that he hasn’t disappeared is good news for those who believe that his existence speaks well for the  continued relationship of Fitz and Simmons… provided they can find the Fitz-cicle floating around somewhere in space. Perhaps when they thaw him out he can lay on Fitzsimmons the proposal she DIDN’T hear when Kasius had his remote control thingy on Jemma’s ears. If you have NO IDEA what I’m talking about, get with the binge watching and catch up on your “Agents of Shield.” You’ve got until 2019. You can just make it. The main missing piece is the return of Coulson himself. So far the executives and cast have been pretty good at keeping it under wraps.  Where is Spider-Man’s Tom Holland when you need him?
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