Online proctoring is gaining popularity these days. Many people are benefiting from the advantages of online proctoring. The online proctored exams provide certificates for the candidates completing the course. These certificates are highly viable and considered as professional. Many softwares are available in the market and provide platforms for online proctoring with various benefits. There are so many benefits to this way of conducting the exams than the traditional way. Both the candidates and the organizations are benefited from the online proctoring. With so many advantages of online proctoring of exams, it is now becoming more and more common for organizations to run online proctored exams. This method has many benefits as compared to the traditional method of conducting the test.


Different types of online proctoring


  1. Live Proctoring

In live proctoring, an invigilator is appointed for proctoring the exam at all time. This invigilator is responsible for keeping an eye on the candidate while he or she is taking the test. The invigilator is responsible for warning the candidate and then ending the exam in case of unfair means being used by the candidate while appearing for the test. The benefit of live proctoring is that the candidate stays alert and does not even try to use unfair means in the presence of a live proctor.


  1. Recorded Proctoring

In this type of proctoring, there is no real-time proctoring. The candidate is not being watched at the time of appearing for the test and is allowed to take the complete test. Once the candidate is over with the exam, the proctors can review the recorded session at any time according to their schedule and review the video. They can accept or reject the candidate dependent on the recorded session. This saves time of the proctors as they can proctor the exam at any time.


  1. Auto Proctoring

Another way of proctoring is auto proctoring where an automated proctoring is facilitated at the time of the exam. This is achieved by AI-based proctoring which is highly accurate. The rate of accuracy is 95% and the web-cam generated auto proctoring is quite precise. The auto proctoring has algorithms that enable it to warn the candidates if they try to cheat during the exam. They are programmed to end the test after the maximum warnings are given to the candidate. This way of proctoring saves the time of proctors as they directly view the results and do not have to review the whole test giving procedure. This also saves money of the organizations that has otherwise to be given to the proctors.


Importance of online proctoring


  1. Remote International Education is possible

You must have enrolled in various courses online which are offered by international universities. This is possible through online proctoring only. Online proctoring allows people to take up courses that are uploaded by universities or professors from all around the world. Without online proctoring, the candidates have to travel to these faraway places to enrol to these courses. The benefits of the availability of courses online from famous professors and universities all around the world are enormous. Many people are benefiting from this, without actually travelling to these places and saving travel money. These courses are easily available and enrolling to them is equally easy as well.


  1. All kinds of exams are facilitated

Online proctoring has made conduction of all kinds of exams very easy. Be it a test of multiple-choice questions or written test, every kind is easily worked out. Online proctors are available and effective proctoring is provided in these exams. For written tests, video proctoring is available which is more effective than the traditional way of proctoring candidates during exams. Candidates are given various options to attempt the written exams. They can either type the answers on the space provided or they can write the answers and then upload it, whichever option suits them. Online proctoring for multiple-choice questions is also taken in many ways as per the wish of the organization. They can either give timer for each question or change the level of difficulty of questions according to the previously attempted questions. These options are not possible in the traditional way of conducting the multiple-choice test. Due to these reasons, online proctoring is preferred over traditional test proctoring.


  1. Time-related Flexibility

One of the best advantages of online proctoring is the flexibility that it provides to candidates and teachers for taking the test or a course. They can manage their time well for best results. For online proctored courses, teachers and students can manage time according to their schedule and benefit mutually due to this flexibility. For online proctored tests, candidates have an unparalleled advantage of taking up the test at any time that they wish. This has helped to achieve better results and better comfort for the candidates. This achieved by making the test link available to the candidate for a long time by increasing the window of test. This feature also allows the candidates to not lose the opportunity of taking the test due to an emergency. On the off chance that they are unavailable for the test at any particular time, they can take it any time later.


  1. Cheating is not possible

Cheating is unfair for both proctors and deserving candidates. Online proctoring allows reducing the chance of cheating due to its various proctoring methods. These proctoring methods are highly efficient and better than the traditional methods of exam conducting. The advancements in online proctoring make it extremely difficult to cheat in the test.


Many softwares allow the proctoring solution. The benefits of online proctoring are enormous and it is highly advised to use online proctoring for conducting exams and providing courses. Many organizations have adopted online proctoring as their means of conducting exams and online courses. If you are still using the traditional methods to take classes and exams, consider looking at the list combined by us, have a look at the benefits and take its advantage. Switch to online proctoring and enjoy its benefits if you have not started doing it yet.


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