Potential SPOILERS:

Our good friends over at Nerd Rage Podcast have some details on the new stand alone Joker film. They spoke with who they say is a very reliable source regarding Todd Phillips’ film. I reached out to Nerd Rage and they indicate they were shown actual proof regarding this information.

They indicate that Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker will be a riddled drug addict and it is his addiction to drugs that will induce his insanity. They also go on to say that the Joker’s classic white face look will actually be cocaine smeared over his face. Somewhere someone just threw their phone or laptop across the room! Yes I know many of you will call this BS but this could be the route they want to go with this since it is a stand alone film. This is all early in development so things could for sure change so take this all with a shovel full of salt.

What is your take on this rumor? Do you hope WB actually goes through with this or do you hope this gets scrapped and they stick with a more comic book style transformation? If you want to hear more on this report you can check out their podcast here.

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Joker opens in theaters on October 4, 2019



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