It comes as no surprise that student life is one of the most brilliant periods. Being an undergraduate, you study, interact with different people, and gain useful links. Indeed, it can’t be perfect by no means. And one of the most severe pitfalls is homework. Depending on a subject, you may be assigned plenty of tasks to complete. But how to do that if you work, for instance? The first, and most appropriate way is to find a good essay writer who will help you make your term paper or essay.  Certainly, you can always turn to professional writing service and just say, “write my paper for me quickly.” However, there are moments when you want to deal with your assignments yourself. And this article will walk you through the most useful tips on how to write as extensive as a 5-page essay in just one day.

Tip 1: Pre-Writing Steps

There are no answers to the question of how fast you can write the paper. This is because it all depends on your subject and the professor’s requirements. The more complicated the assignment is, the more time you will spend on it. However, you don’t have to fall into a depression, thinking you might get stuck with it. Having a determined approach, you will finish any essay quickly. Before writing, you have to undertake a couple of steps to compose a great piece. They are usually called Brainstorming, Outlining, and Research. Let’s take a look at each of them.


Brainstorming is an indispensable part of every writing process. It stretches your brain and makes you come up with concrete ideas for your forthcoming paper. Whether you are assigned a topic or have freedom of choice, you are highly encouraged to brainstorm ideas. Besides, efficient brainstorming reduces time and helps you find the answers to appropriate questions, such as Why is this idea significant? Will the paper cause a discussion? Do I have an exclusive perspective? By answering them, you will likely select the most relevant elements and develop within an essay.


Oddly enough, but students don’t like writing outlines. Indeed, it is understandable. No one wants to spend extra time composing a piece the teacher didn’t require to write. But even if you weren’t asked to craft an outline, it is always a great idea to complete it for personal aims.

The thing is, not only does the outline help you diminish the time spent writing the paper, but also it boosts your productivity. Such a layout serves as a roadmap, helping you remain organized and include only the points you have come up with when brainstorming. If this plan is optional, you are free to write it in whatever form you want. Just remember to make it comprehensive for yourself.


Each and every essay (except for narratives and personal statements, of course) must be backed up with credible sources. The same goes for your paper. Since you have a 5-page essay to write, you need to find one reference per page. That is, your essay’s works cited page has to have four to five scholarly works. You can include articles, books, essays, or dissertations. Regardless of what you add, make sure the piece is credible. To be confident about its authenticity, look for sources on Google Scholar,, ResearchGate, JSTOR, and other web pages with .edu or .gov domains.

Tip 2: Swift Writing Process

The mentioned stage is the most time-consuming one. But since you have all the ideas and the completed outline, you can try writing the paper. Follow the upcoming steps if you want to finish your essay speedily.

Start With A Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. Typically, you would have to write an opening sentence and background information before the thesis. But since you are short on time, you can leave them for later. Besides, students claim that these two components require much time. You will get back to it once the essential elements are done.

A thesis statement is a condensed version of your paper. It displays the arguments you will develop within the document. Usually, a thesis comprises three ideas. Ensure making them short and comprehensive to the reader.

Body Paragraphs

Once you have a thesis statement in front of you, you can start writing body sections. Each body paragraph starts with a topic sentence. It reflects the point from a thesis statement and moves on to develop it. Remember to support your arguments with statements from academic sources. Make sure to cite them according to the style you follow. End a paragraph with a transition phrase.

Tip 3: Drawing Conclusions

Conclusions may be hard to write at first glance. Many students simply reiterate the thesis with its main points. As a result, they get low grades and are perplexed; they don’t understand what they did wrong. To make a top-notch conclusion, you have to avoid constant repetitions. When writing the last section, you have to:

  • Restate your thesis statement

Do not rewrite it word-by-word. Find the most appropriate synonyms so that the audience knows what you are talking about.

  • Highlight the most critical aspects

In other words, emphasize the elements you describe in body sections. Again, use relevant synonyms.

  • CTA

Call to Action stands for motivating the readers to discuss or delve into the topic after reading your essay.

Other Short Tips

  • Edit and proofread. Do not neglect this trick, as it increases your chances of getting a higher grade. Use Grammarly to correct possible errors and polish your paper. Besides, ask your friends or family members to read your piece.
  • Employ freewriting. It is a great way to accelerate your writing. Simply try to write as fast as you can for a defined period, paying no attention to possible mistakes. Doing that, you will improve the entire quality of writing.
  • Put the essay away. If you have some extra time, you can leave your essay and get back to it later. This will help you spot the mistakes you haven’t captured previously.

Writing a 5-page essay is not an easy process. It requires time and your attention to complete it. However, using the mentioned tips, you can finish it quickly and get a high grade. Employ them daily with any writing assignments, and you will see the results shortly!

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