Reading is crucial, especially when it comes to gambling. It not only nourishes you inside but also helps you crush the house. Just as gambling movies, gambling books are an excellent source of information and inspiration. It helps in discovering betting systems.

According to a review on Luxury Casino Canada, many men and women are indulging in gambling. However, before you jump in to play any game at a site, it is necessary to take a look at the review to learn about what the site has to offer and gather knowledge about the games. The Luxury Casino Canada review will help you with this.

Today gamblers are turning to read. Whether they look for anecdotal stories or inspirational stories are beyond the point. Here is the ultimate list of books for poker and casino players.

1.   Bringing Down the House

The book talks about a professor and student who create a card counting strategy that would help them to beat the casino house. They use the strategy and are successful in doing that.

Ben Mezrich, the author has managed to stay close to the truth except for occasional quips. In case you want to learn how math mavericks were able to beat the house, this is just the book for you.

2.   The Biggest Bluff

If you are a professional poker player and want to take part in World Series Poker, you need to take a look at this book first. The book goes on to explore the psyche of a gambler, particularly the poker enthusiasts. Maria Konnikova, the psychologist and author gave an insight into how the expert used psychology for describing human behavior and also predicted it.

The author doesn’t just pen down what it is to be a fan of poker but has also proved that it is possible to achieve a deeper understanding. It is a story that shows how a poker novice proceeds to become the most feared woman in the poker game.

3.   The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King

This is a book on professional poker games by Michael Craig. The book refers to some of the professional players. Like other gambling books, this too has sold several copies. In this, you will get enough details about the professions to get an insight into them. There are interviews of many participants in the poker battle of Las Vegas Casinos. He has described it in complete awe.

4.   Soccernomics

The text by Simon Kuper is a good one for sports betting enthusiasts. He has studied the World Cup 2018 and has devised a pattern that will enable him to end up winning more than he is eventually going to lose on sports betting.

In the text, he has argued that every sports betting event is one of a kind that betting is made exclusive by casino gaming innovations. Hence, it needs to be studied and a model has to be established. He argues observing specific events in the game.

5.   The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told

The story by Mark-Paul talks about the 3-year old racehorse of female gender and the effects that it had on the gamblers who planned to wager against her at the time of the Kentucky Derby. This story has been claimed to be crazier than friction.

6.   Titanic Thompson

The text by Kevin Cook will show you an unlikely individual who has been talked about several times. The story begins in the 1920s when he took over the New York underground establishment, gambling and betting away millions simply to just win it back. The book will give you the inspiration to invest and make the most of slot machine games.

Titanic Thompson has been many things and his life is a reminder to all not to take gambling or betting too seriously. For him, winning honestly at betting wasn’t actually the point.

7.   Blood Aces

Doug J. Swanson is one of the books that are not going to tell you how you can win at a certain game. Instead, it is going to recount the story of Benny Binion, the gangster that helps in creating Las Vegas, particularly pioneering the World Series of Poker.

It is a complete masterpiece in terms of narratives. Through this, you will come to know everything about Binion. The American justice system has failed to capture a man who was described as a merciless thug.

8.   The Theory of Poker

In case you are looking for a down-to-business and honest approach to poker, this is what you need to read. It is about whatever you expect from the name. The text takes a dive into the finer side of the game.

David Sklansky approaches the topic with academic precision and makes sure that the language is accessible. Through this, you will get to learn about the various concepts of poker and how it changes based on what you are playing.

9.   Molly’s Game

The book by Molly Bloom is one that talks about the true story of the author. She recounts her success when it comes to running one of the richest and biggest poker tables. The author has faced different characters without morals, mafia, and criminals, yet, she has come out on the top.

10.    Trading Bases

Joe Peta wanted to take over the world of fantasy football. Also, he had been successful in doing that. He tells you all that you need to know while keeping some secrets of the game to him.

Some people argue about the guarded details he provides it is true but there are no easy solutions. His MBA degree from Stanford helped him to finally contribute to his love for fantasy baseball. This is one of the best gambling books.

Bottom Line

The gambling books given here are much different than the others. Through this, you will get to devise effective strategies to make the most out of a game. With these texts, you will be able to become the type of player you want to be.

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