What Type Of Instagram Accounts Does Correspond To Your Goals Most?

Instagram is a full-fledged social network that is used on a very large scale and for various purposes. If you are promoting an account from scratch, you need to focus on the first steps: take care of the visual filling of the profile through photo content and text, you need to create initial popularity and buy Instagram followers. Further, depending on the goals, it is worth expanding the technical capabilities of the profile and transferring it into a suitable type. In this article, we will view three types of accounts that Instagram offers and their capabilities.

Individual account  for private space

A personal account is available immediately after the registration. Its distinguishing function lies in the possibility to be private and hidden from ordinary users. In this case, your content and information in your account will be available only to subscribers. An individual account is suitable for personal use and not for commercial purposes. This type doesn’t provide for promotion, therefore it loses to other types of profiles.

Business account as a method to build sales

A business profile is a tool for business, in which additional useful functions appear.

In this one it is comfortable to organize the formation of a personal brand: create and promote regular content that warms up the audience and leads to closing deals, build trust through social proof and buy real Instagram followers, comments, likes at early stages, create inbound traffic by setting up advertisements.

A business profile makes it possible to launch targeted advertisements on Instagram. This is the most efficient method of audience traffic.

You will have access to statistics and you will be able to analyze the audience. You can monitor the number of people who visited your account on a certain day,  the frequency of transfers to your site using an active link,  the number of people who called you.

In statistics, individual publication metrics are available and the number of account reach and impressions is visible.

The business profile gives additional options for the design of business buttons: call, write an e-mail.

With the help of a business profile, you can transfer the rights to manage your account, so a person can make posts, communicate in a Direct without providing a username and password.

Creator account as a tool for massive promotion

Creator account is very similar in functionality and capabilities to a business one. It is intended for bloggers who do not sell anything but earn from promoting partners — native advertising. This type of account is suitable for media personalities: singers, actors, athletes, TV presenters.

The main difference lies in the “Creator” tab in the settings. The owner can track statistics on payment for promotions and data on branded content. In addition, it is possible to hide contact information if the blogger does not want to accept offers of cooperation. The introduction of this type of account is an attempt by Instagram to bring bloggers into a separate segment, which is useful for internal analytics of the social network.

Always use Instagram possibilities for the maximum and choose an account type appropriate to your goals.