The rise of the internet has made it much easier to hire a professional essay writer. There are any number of sites that people can use for their work. It all depends on what people need done, and what they are willing to pay. Read on for the best sites.

Perfectessay is an academic site that focuses on writing essays. This site offers help from high school to PhD level. It also (rather unusually) splits the undergraduate years into two sections. These are first\second and third\fourth – this seems to be a way of dividing between general university essays and honours-level work.

The site offers a ten percent discount off everybody’s first order. The offer blinks onto the screen as soon as you bring up the site. The site itself is very easy to use. It offers you a chance to calculate the total cost of your work before you sign up. The actual process of making an order is more complex. But right off the bat, the site is giving people a way to see how much their work will cost them. This is a well laid out site.

If I were looking for someone to write my essay, I would probably give PerfectEssay a look. The first thing that happens when you enter the site is that a pop-up appears with the discount of the day. Today it is fifteen percent off your first paper (You also have an opportunity to sign up for more discount codes to be sent to your email).

The site itself offers a table for any potential customers to find out what their paper will cost. Simply enter your basic information, and you will get the final total.

Scroll down a little further, and you will find a list of some of the guarantees you will have as a customer. The site then offers a chance to find out more about the process. It is a site that is very easy to navigate.

Writemyessayforme writing service is focused entirely on college writing. It offers professional content writing as well.

Unlike other sites, which have busy landing pages, the one on this site is quite pared back. This allows the information to take center stage. The landing page takes customers and potential customers through the information they need. You can see their guarantees, their testimonials, and their basic pricing, freely available.

The process of ordering is quite straightforward. You place your order, specifying length, subject, level, and more. The order is then placed on an ‘available orders’ page, which is accessible to all the writers. The site also offers a service where you can request the same writer as before. This is useful for people who buy multiple orders.

This is a writing service for college that has a good reputation. The site itself made me laugh the first time I saw it – the background picture is a student who has fallen asleep at his desk.

The writemyessayforme site offers editing and rewriting services, as well as purely writing ones. This sets it apart from other sites, which focus purely on writing.

The site offers a short explanation of how the ordering process works. There is also an accompanying video. Both of these are very useful tools for the site, since they can help to bring in customers. As well as testimonials, has a small list of the publications that have made use of their services.

If people are still unsure about the site, they also offer a number of guarantees such as online communication and email notifications.

Most sites are based in the USA, because of the population of students in that country. Edujungles works with Canada, Australia, USA and UK. The site starts off with some statistics for potential customers to read. These statistics cover both the customers who use the site, and the papers that are produced by the site. These are placed next to an interactive table, which allows potential customers to calculate the price of their paper.

This site has testimonials done in video format, which is a step up from the normal review format. It is very eye-catching! It then has some guarantees, which include twenty four hour customer service, free revisions, and the promise of savings. The site has several ways for its customers to order. There is the order now button on the tab that follows users around the screen, and one down on the page itself.

I particularly like the comparison between writing essays and blue cheese. This site has lots of information right out of the bat. It shows what someone can expect from it as a customer. There are a number of reviews clustered together in the middle of the landing page. This is for anybody coming to the site as a potential customer. By reading the reviews, they can easily find out what other people both liked and disliked about the site. This can be key in someone moving from being a potential customer, to being a customer. Having the testimonials right before a small warning about the sites that have been exposed as frauds is a nice touch. It makes it more likely that people reading the site will want to stay there. This is instead of moving on to research other sites, and potentially choose them for their work.

The Edujungles site is very professionally done. Other sites lay out their purchasing information and guarantees. Edu Jungles goes in a different direction. It gives multiple reasons (laid out in short essays) for why people should use essay writing sites.

The site has tabs along the top of the page to lead customers to other information. These tabs follow you as you scroll – you don’t need to scroll all the way to the top of the screen again to find them. Customers can find out about the service, the legal information behind the site, among other things. One tab in particular will take you to an in-depth explanation of the ordering process. If you don’t want to go through the whole process of learning about the system, the site has an order now button at the top..


Services for essay writing are easy to find if you look for them. Including terrific sites such as Hopefully this article will give you some ideas. Different people have different needs. Each site has their own particular niche. When people want the best results, they should focus on that niche. Hopefully this article will help.


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