Yesterday I was scrolling Twitter, only to come across the NFL network airing Madden 20 simulation playoff games. While I was watching, people in the chats were literally taking bets on who would come out on top. Since most of us are quarantined and have nothing better to do, the simulated games were a huge success. Thousands of people participated in the nearly all day event and that shows just how popular online gaming and even gambling really is. Many of us cannot afford the time off to fly to Vegas or a city with a casino. But why should we? We have the casinos right in the palm of our hands. Online gambling is a major market and anyone can play on poker sites. Whether it is betting on sports or cards, it has never been easier.

My so called drug of choice is poker. I never was any good at it until I started poker online. During this time of quarantine there is nothing more fun that going online with your friends and losing or winning tons of money. It is a great way to meet new friends and it keeps your skills fresh. There is a challenge to playing online vs in person. If you are not on a Zoom video call playing then you cannot see the sweat beaming on the forehead of some poor soul who knows his cards are a bust yet he is trying so hard to fool his poker mates. But playing online has many advantages including

Eneba Many GEOs
  • Comfort – You can wear what you want and there is no one to judge you
  • No need to commute – You can save on flights and gas because there is no need to travel
  • Can play more than one game at a time
  • More variety of games of your disposal
  • You can play 24/7 around the world
  • No one can call your bluff (As stated above)

There are a ton more PRO’s to playing from the comfort of your own home vs playing in person but that is not to discourage players from strictly playing online.

Of course if poker is your not your game of choice there are many other forms of online gaming including slots, bingo, and black jack. Play safe and happy gaming!

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