Meet The Geek Vibes Nation Team!

To connect all walks of life through news and entertainment. We strive to create an empowered community defined by acceptance and positive vibes only! 

Geek Vibes Nation was born from a desire to create a community rooted in individuality and self-empowerment. We all have our own interests, giddy obsessions, and fandoms – and our goal is to provide you with the latest news in movies, TV, gaming, comics, and more. We have opinion pieces to spark and inspire conversations, podcasts on everything from the “Top 10 TV Shows Cancelled Too Soon“ to dissecting a new Netflix series, and interviews with writers, actors/actresses, cinematographers, voice artists, and directors.

We embrace diversity and welcome everyone to find their home at GVN. One where the constraints of everyday life fall away and you feel completely in your element. While we made a promise to always stay true to ourselves, we refuse to stay put. We want to disrupt the industry, spark (friendly) debates, and exceed limits, all while holding true to our core values.
So, what are you waiting for? Come join the Nation.


Juwaan is the Head of GVN and a Batman fanatic who has loved comics and superheroes since he was 5 and used that passion to build GVN with some of the greats groups of guys and gals out there. He is driven by building Geekvibes Nation and creating safe and fun atmosphere for geeks to live in.

A picture of Cainan Myracle


EIC for Geek Vibes Nation/Social Media Manager

Cainan is a walking talking Superman fanboy since age 2! He has been a lover of movies since he could understand them which was probably around the age of 5. Geeking out to He-Man, G.I. Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and just about every other Saturday morning cartoon. An old school action flick kind of guy, he grew up with Arnold, Stallone, and Willis keeping him company. Cainan is also big into technology and video games. From the classic NES to the PS4, Cainan has played them all.


Head writer for Geek Vibes Nation and Host of Top 10.

A fangirl with too many obsessions to count. While wanting to become a well-known novelist, I stumbled upon the career of journalism. Paired with my love for everything and anything nerdy, I found a way to do something that I enjoy that allows me to connect with other super-fans. I’ve consecutively written leisurely for almost 14 years and will continue to do so until I can’t anymore!

Dom Fisher

Dom Fisher is a podcaster, movie lover, tattoo collector, and future author. He is currently part of the Music City Critics Association and a member of Critics Choice. He is able to hold a conversation about almost anything and thinks he would fare decently on Jeopardy. He is a huge fan of most things in the geek realm as well as Quentin Tarantino films, and the horror genre.  When he isn’t writing for GVN or contributing to the Geeks Against the Grain podcast, he hosts a podcast called ChoppinItUpWithTheHomies.

Catch him on Twitter: @KING_FISH

Dillon Gonzales

Dillon Gonzales is a lover of movies and TV shows from the biggest studio blockbuster to the most obscure indie production. He has a physical media collection that is way too large to be considered practical. His favorite pastime is watching movies on his couch with his wife, Jessica, and dog, Orion. When he is not watching something, he is likely listening to a podcast or attending a concert. Dillon can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @DillonGonzales2. 

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Dane Alves

One of the co-founders of GVN and the co-host of Wrestling Geeks Alliance, Dane loves all of geek culture and is extremely opinionated about things he passionate about. Listen to him, but be ready to laugh, think, and maybe have your opinions challenged on WGA. Which drops on Mondays covering everything going on in pro wrestling!

Martin Geek Vibes Nation


Martin fills the role of historian for GVN with back history and stories on comic books, Star Trek, and any other subject that he feels needs some background information. DC, Marvel films, the late Game of Thrones and Marvel’s Agents of Shield are some of his passions.

He can be reached at @MLSexton_WWAN or here at GeekVibesNation, which is his second home.

Michael Vaughn

Big film nerd and TCM Obsessed. Author of The Ultimate Guide to Strange Cinema from Schiffer Publishing. Resume includes: AMC’s The Bite, Scream Magazine etc. Love all kinds of movies and television and have interviewed a wide range of actors, writers, producers and directors. I currently am a regular co-host on the podcast The Humanoids from the Deep Dive and have a second book in the works from Bear Manor.

Larry Fried

Larry Fried is a filmmaker, writer, and podcaster based in New Jersey. He is the host and creator of the podcast “My Favorite Movie is…,” a podcast telling the stories behind how an all-time favorite movie earns that title. His writing has been featured by The New York Film Festival, as well as Slash Film and That Shelf. He is also the Visual Content Manager at Special Olympics New Jersey, an organization dedicated to competition and training opportunities for athletes with intellectual disabilities across the Garden State.

Executive producer dick wolf wearing a beanie.

Michael Cook

Michael is a writer and reviewer with a lifelong love of storytelling. He’s been writing about movies, TV shows, books, and more since 2017. If it’s a new musical or a good piece of science fiction, there’s a good chance he’ll love it. When he’s not writing reviews for Geek Vibes Nation, he can usually be found working on a new script or short story. 

Devin McGrath-Conwell

Raised on a steady diet of Hitchcock, 1950s gangster flicks, and TV Land, Devin grew to love storytelling more than anything else. This led him to study Film & Literature at Middlebury College, and currently work on a screenwriting MFA at Emerson College. He has written about film, television, and pop culture for the last 6 years, with work appearing in Portland Film Review, Horror Homeroom, CBS News, and Cinema Scholars. If you ever run into him at a cocktail party, safe topics include Twin Peaks, gender theory, and all things horror.


A contributor to the Top 10 and Geek Against the Grain podcasts and a lover of mindless tangents. I’m a huge video game fan and a good day includes good movies to talk someone’s ear off about


Christopher Ray Patton  – @ChrisRPatton

Hometown: Lawrenceville, GA

Co-Host of Wrestling Geeks Alliance, huge fan of comics, wrestling, video games and film.

M.N. Miller

“M.N. Miller is a film and television critic and a proud member of the Las Vegas Film Critic Society, Critics Choice Association, and a :tomato: Tomato meter approved. However, he still puts on his pants one leg at a time, and that’s when he usually stumbles over. When not writing, he patiently waits for the next Pearl Jam album and chooses to pass the time by scratching his wife’s back on Sunday afternoons while she watches endless reruns of California Dreams. He was proclaimed the smartest reviewer alive by actor Jason Isaacs but chose to ignore his obvious sarcasm.”


Either typing away on my keyboard or nose-deep in a good book. Say hi to me on Twitter @Kkantro.

A man with a black hoodie and a dog in front of a painting.

Shawn Paul Wood

From the gravitas of the Sith, the genius of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, or the gluttony of today’s comic fan, SPW digs intelligent debate about entertainment. He’s also addicted to listicles, storytelling, useless trivia, and the Oxford comma. And, he prefers his puns intended.

A man in a black hat making a peace sign.

Gaius Bolling

Gaius Bolling is a lover of all things film & TV and it has been a big part of his life for as long as he can remember. He attended Los Angeles Film School and participated in a screenwriting and editing program before finding a love for entertainment journalism. His work has been published on MovieWeb, Geek Vibes Nation, That Hashtag Show, 1st Reviews, and Between all of his various outlets, Gaius has been writing for over 15 years and has been a member of the Hollywood Creative Alliance since 2023. In addition to writing, Gaius is also co-host of the Back To The Blockbuster podcast and has been running the @g_reelz  Instagram page which is also all about the love of movies, for over 7 years! Can also be found on Instagram, Twitter/X, and TikTok under the handle @G_reelz.

A photo of a man with a spider - man in front of him.


“Last of his Name and Master of None” but also a news/rumor reporter, researcher and staff writer. Catch him on twitter! @Joel_J27

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Jessica was raised by TV and movies, which naturally, caused a deeply rooted love of film and storytelling in general. She is a lover of music and books as well, and when she’s not watching a movie or a show with her husband Dillon, she is most likely reading a book or researching which of her favorite bands has recently put out a new album. She co-hosts the podcast Homedance Film Festival with the aforementioned husband in which they both discuss two movies that played at Sundance Film Festival and one that did not. Jessica can be found on Twitter @JessThanZero_

A man in glasses is standing in front of a purple and pink wall.


Andre is addicted to film. Aside from Geek Vibes Nation you can read their words about film on letterboxd and medium, plus hear their voice on more movies & monsters on the Humanoids From the Deep Dive podcast. They volunteer as a film projectionist and program a monthly martial arts series at a small nonprofit theater in the PNW.