In Defense of Jared Leto’s Joker

I know right now, I’ve probably lost a few people based on the title of this article alone. Let’s not make this discussion a fight between who is the better Joker. You can all have your opinions, as I do as well. But, let’s talk for a moment about Jared Leto’s rendition of the character […]

The Rock posts “Jungle Cruise” pic with new co-star…and Jack Whitehall

The busiest man in Hollywood is doing what he always does, work. In this case he is filming his latest entry in what Disney hopes will be their next successful ride-based series that will follow in the footsteps of Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney’s Jungle Cruise will tell the story of a jungle boat captain named Frank […]

Avengers 4 Reshoots Suggest More Time in Wakanda

Avengers 4 literally couldn’t take any longer to get here. I was ready for the fourth Avengers movie as soon as the credits started rolling for Avengers: Infinity War. With the fourth installment premiering in May 2019 all we can do now is speculate. For instance, there seems to have been some reshoots for the […]

Shantel VanSanten Joins Joel Kinnaman for Apple’s Untitled Space Race Series

For me, Shantel VanSanten will always be Patty Spivot from The Flash’s second season. Currently, on the recently canceled show Shooter, VanSanten has another project in her line of sights. Joining Altered Carbon’s Joel Kinnaman, VanSanten has been cast in Apple’s upcoming space race drama series by Ronald D. Moore. This untitled series will take […]

Alan Tudyk Cast as Mr. Nobody in DC Universe’s Doom Patrol

DC Universe’s upcoming Doom Patrol added another recognizable face to its cast. Not too long ago we reported that Brendan Fraser had been cast as Robotman. Now, we can announce that Alan Tudyk has been brought in as Mr. Nobody. Tudyk has had a long list of cinematic achievements, such as Firefly, Dollhouse, and most […]

David Sobolov To Voice Blitzwing In ‘BUMBLEBEE’

Voice actor David Sobolov who is know for his voice work on CW’s The Flash as Gorilla Grodd took to Twitter today to confirm he will be voicing the Decepticon villain Blitzwing in Parmounts upcoming Transformer spin off film, Bumblebee. #Transformers fans… It’s time to reveal I’m the voice of Blitzwing in @bumblebeemovie ! Thank […]

Bautista Talks ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ and ‘Avengers 4’

Bautista has been a mainstay in the news and lately it’s been about his ongoing issues with Disney firing director James Gunn. Dave has made it crystal clear that he is not happy with his employers decision and has even called them out on social media more than once. With word coming down that Guardians […]

‘Avengers 4’ Update Provided By Russo Brothers

While most of Avengers 4 has been filmed already there is still lots of work to do before the film is released next May. While we patiently await some footage or even what the official title of the film might be, the Russo brothers spoke to Deadline to provide an update on the film. “We’ve […]

New ‘Iron Fist’ Photos Tease Typhoid Mary Teaming Up With Danny Rand

We’re now officially a week away from the premiere of the second season of Netflix’s Iron Fist. What looks like a vast improvement on the first season, Danny Rand’s journey picks up from last we saw him in The Defenders. With Daredevil presumably dead (though we know he isn’t), Danny must take up the mantle […]