If there is one sector of the economy that has enjoyed 2020, it is the owners of video conferencing software. Zooming has now become a well known verb, though other conference call software is available. With Christmas approaching, we are all going to be using video calls as a way to connect with family. So, as a way to use this time online, why not play some of these games.

#1 Conference call bingo

Conference call bingo with family and friends is a great way to fill time together online. At Christmas it could be a bit awkward to sit watching TV together side by side online, but getting involved in a bit of bingo is just the excitement you need.


#2 Guess Who

Guess Who is perfect for Zoom calls – no one can cheat as they can’t look behind you. Alternatively, you could put a name on a post-it and stick it to someone’s head and everyone tries to help them guess who is up there.


#3 A Christmas Puzzle

Google “A Christmas Puzzle” and you will find a team problem-solving challenge that will bring you altogether this holiday season. And, as you are so far apart, when the arguments start you can just close the lid on the laptop.


#4 The Puzzle

Ok, so this is like A Christmas Puzzle but without a christmas theme. Again, you are presented with some team-building challenges that will grow funnier as the day gets merrier (hide the sherry from granny).


#5 A virtual tour 

You can take the family on a virtual tour of your favourite city. Google A Day in Paris, for instance, and you can spend an hour on Zoom getting a guided tour around this beautiful place. The good news is that there are challenges to undertake along the way – so a way to interact too.

#6 Online cooking

Are you the one that is stuck in the kitchen cooking the meal? Then, why not connect with other friends and family stuck by the stove too. Enjoy some chat as you make that massive feast.

#7 Make a wreath together

This is a calming yet wonderfully festive activity. Together you can sit on the video conference and craft together – giving each other sneaky peaks of your progress too.


#8 A tasting party

This one could get raucous – but get a whole load of fun. Get a selection of spirits and a guide to making cocktails and play away.


#9 Houseparty

There is a free game that you can download for iOS and Android, which is a sort of video call and a quiz all in one. There is Heads Up, Pictionary and Quick Draw – it is all the fun you could possibly need.


#10 Fibbage

One player tells the truth of something that happened. Other players then work out the best lie that person could have told. Winner is the one judged to be the best – using your criteria.


#11 Harry Potter Virtual Locations Tour

Take a trip on the Hogwarts Express for a tour around Edinburgh and what inspired the books. And why wouldn’t you?


#12 Other virtual tours are available

If Harry Potter is not your thing there are a host of trips around the world you can take together as a family. You could use it to plan a holiday for the future.


#13 Cards against humanity

Not one to play with granny or the youngsters, but hilarious none the same.


#14 Pysch

This is an app released by Ellen and it has become something of a phenomena. Your job – make up fake answers to real trivia questions about each other and try to fool others into believing you. It is hilarious. 


#15 Just Dance

Download the app to your laptop and to your phones. You use the phones as controllers and can enter party rooms on Zoom. Who needs to party in person anymore anyway. Throw your handbag on the floor and off you go!


#16 Caribu

This app was voted the best invention of 2019 and it allows you to read to and talk with your kids. It might be the best way to end Christmas Day ever.


#17 Karaoke

Go on… singalong. GEt on YouTube. There are loads of karaoke songs to make your day.


#18 Eat together

Put granny on the laptop at the end of the table and enjoy your meal together even though you are forced apart.


#19 Book or film club

Set a title. Set a date. Share your thoughts. Simple.


#20 Shared exercise

Ok, you might want to use this one in January. However, running exercise sessions for each other could be a great way to get you fit and trim in the new year.


#21 The Zoom Pub Quiz

We will have all done this at least once during lockdown. Get yourself a quizmaster and group yourself in teams and off you go.

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