5 Tips To Get The Most From IT Team Extension Model

The IT team extension model has gained acclaim in the American business landscape. It enables organizations to fill in the missing pieces in their core team without getting them on board permanently. Choosing the model means you end up with the right set of people delivering maximum productivity and getting projects off the ground. Not to mention, you achieve more than you imagine by spending less than you expect. But making the model work requires some effort and planning. Unless you follow the best practices, you cannot derive the benefits it offers. Here are some tips to get the most from your extended IT team.

Choose the right partner

This one is a no-brainer because the success of collaboration depends on the expertise and reliability of the partner. Doing due diligence while choosing an outsourcing provider is vital. You may pick an offshore provider for cost-savings, but ensure they have a good reputation in the industry. You can seek recommendations and go through client reviews to find a partner you can depend on.

Prioritize a long-term partnership

Although IT team extension is inherently suitable for one-time projects, do not consider it a temporary arrangement. Prioritize a long-term partnership with these resources as they get to know your workplace culture better. You can reconnect with them for further projects because they will blend in easily. Moreover, you may even need the same people to upgrade the existing software application in the future.

Treat your outsourced team as a part of your business

IT team extension is about outsourcing people to cover the gaps in your in-house team. But you have to treat them as a part of your business. Getting the best from Outsourcing IT Team Extension requires you to empower them with the knowledge and resources they need to deliver results. Not treating them well can hit their morale and loyalty. It can affect the final output.

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Have a clear roadmap

The success of the extension model depends on providing the resources with a clear roadmap. Good documentation is crucial as it ensures a clear understanding of milestones and timelines for the project.  Everyone can be on the same page with seamless communication, so ensure you have a system in place. Most importantly, avoid frequent changes in the scope of the project.

More is not always better

While extending your software team, ditch the misconception of more being better. Adding more developers to a project lagging behind schedule may not always help. It may even be counterproductive, slowing the project in the long run. Working with smaller teams having seasoned resources is a better option. When you extend your team, focus on the quality of skills instead of numbers. Also, look for people with relevant soft skills because they matter more when collaborating remotely.

Although there isn’t a rulebook for the success of the IT team extension model, these measures can keep you on track. Find people with the right skills, and ensure they are good cultural fits. The model aims to cut costs, but you must focus on value rather than the cost.

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