Imagine you are sued over a patent and have to fork over millions of dollars. Now two years later that judgment is overturned. That’s exactly what happened to Nintendo and it was a fight well fought. In 2017 iLife sued Nintendo over the Wiimote.  Though they have had gobs of lawsuits over their motion-sensor technology, iLife was the only one to have a judge rule in their favor. 

Recently, a new judge Barbara M. G. Lynn in Dallas has ruled in Nintendo’s favor canceling that million-dollar judgment. iLife alleged patent infringement and after some research, it seems they have alleged that quite a few times. Six times it seems and five have been found invalid with the sixth one being nullifying of that 10.1 million dollars to iLife.

While iLife seems to have disappeared with no trace of their website and CEO working for Sleep Methods. Nintendo is still giving us amazing gaming, with rumors and hopes of the Switch Pro coming out in 2020. Keep us gaming Nintendo we are in it for the long haul. 

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