[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In 2015 at San Diego Comic Con we got in my opinion the greatest comic book trailer for a film ever cut. To this day I still believe the Batman v Superman Comic Con trailer is the best ever shown in Hall H. That trailer was perfectly cut to build anticipation with enough ooh and awe moments that each time I watch it I still get goose bumps. It captured what we thought the tone of the film was going to be and that was Batman v Superman, before Doomsday showed up. The trailer had some of the best lines from the film including Alfred’s “That’s how it starts, The Fever, The Rage…”, it had the line from Lois “This means something [Touches S] and many more.

The trailer had the right amount of balance showing Clark, Lois, Bruce, Alfred and Lex. It even gave us just enough of Wonder Woman to satisfy us until the movie came out. I wish this was the last trailer we got of this film to be honest. The trailer also has an amazing score behind it that was not used in the film but it greatly enhances the trailers story telling.

Lets all relive the epic Comic Con trailer for Batman v Superman over and over again! Sadly we might not ever get another DC film from Zack Snyder so I hope he knows how much we appreciate what he gave us. Enjoy!

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