Game of Thrones had many memorable deaths, but perhaps the first one seared in our minds was the death of Ned Stark. It was a jarring killing by the hands of Joffrey. And essentially launched the events of the series for its entire run. Sean Bean played the stoic character and the actor is known for playing roles that all meet an unfortunate demise.

In a recent interview, Bean talked about the final scene where Ned Stark literally lost his head:

“It was horror and disbelief — that Joffrey changed his mind [about exiling Ned] — and then resignation and [realizing that he was] seeing his daughter for the last time, Arya. I was trying to think of all four [things]. It wasn’t just, ‘Oh God, I’m getting my head chopped off.’ Those mix of feelings is what made it what it was, I suppose.”

Bean continued:

“It took like a whole day or so to film it and you so you have to just keep focused on the fact that you’re about to meet your death without messing around,” Bean admitted. “I was very hot at the time, so that probably helped. And everybody else’s reactions were fantastic — Cersei and the kids. It was very moving with a lot of pathos in that scene. Then I put my head in the block and I was finished for the day.”

What did you think of Ned Stark’s death in Game of Thrones?

Source: ComicBook

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