It looks like the whole “rolling over in their graves” saying will be given a new meaning. James Dean, a pop-culture icon from back in the day, was announced to be CGI’ed into a Vietnam-era movie role. This has been buzzing around the the Internet and radio since the debut, but I’ve noticed people scratching their heads on how they could pull this off, especially without context. The actor only starred in a handful movies and has passed away prior to the Vietnam Conflict. On top of that, actors gave rise to opposing this move. I would think it’s one step closer to pissing on someone’s grave. But since there’s no resentment against the one whose passed, then I would feel it’s simply a disrespectful move.

Eneba Many GEOs

Elijah Wood, Chris Evans, and Robin Williams daughter, Zelda Williams gave their thoughts on Twitter, according to CNN. It would seem Zelda gave a pretty good argument and I can understand why considering the loss of her father was a few years ago. Someone made a point on her feed who had argued with her how studios brought back Peter Cushing as Tarkin and Carrie Fisher in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Williams also said this would be considered “puppeteering the dead”. And from the sounds of it to be in bad form. I could admit that I could refer back to Jurassic Park’s Goldblum’s character Dr. Iam Malcom where he was wondering if this is something we “should” be doing. I mean, Wal-Mart has been getting an influx of self-check-outs. Could this mean that actors/actresses could be replaceable? This could be far reaching, but something to ponder about.


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