Announcing ‘Magma Studio’ from Bobby Chiu, Jim Demonakos and Code Charm Inc.

I have used many different paint and drawing apps. The common theme to many of them is they require some installation. I sometimes think that it might be nice to use one that requires no such thing. You just open it and go. Apparently the creators of Lightbox EXPO, Bobby Chiu and Jim Demonakos have thought the same thing.

Magma Studio

In a partnership with Code Charm Inc. Chiu and Demonakos today announced the release of Magma Studio. A web based drawing program that can be used to make collaborative projects online. Here is their press release:


Works On Any Device, Plus Stand-Alone Solutions For Studios, Companies, Schools and More


(LOS ANGELES, CA – September 10, 2020) Magma Studio is a brand-new creative collaborative application that works directly in your browser. Magma Studio is the result of a collaboration between the creators of LightBox Expo (Bobby Chiu and Jim Demonakos) and software developers Code Charm Inc. (creators of Using Magma Studio puts the power of multi-user collaboration with the familiarity of professional-grade painting tools at your fingertips. This is without the need of installing anything on your device. Just open a link in your web browser and start creating.

An App Everyone Can Use

Browser-based applications have reached the point of maturity where they can be used professionally. Because of this, Magma Studio has taken advantage of these advances in technology to create an application ideally suited for collaboration. During these difficult times due to COVID, so many people are working from diverse locations with totally different devices. The beauty of Magma Studio is it runs on every device in the world and allows you to collaborate with your coworkers seamlessly. This solves the problem of the inability to effectively work with colleagues on currently available non-remote tools.

“Magma Studio is a game changer for collaborative drawing,” says Bobby Chiu (Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Founder of Imaginism Studios). “This application is specifically crafted for artists looking to create art with others, or any team looking to win bring remote work to any device.”

Working Together

Magma Studio is the ideal brainstorming application that helps bridge the gap between artists and non-artists alike. It allows them to be able to work closely on any project by sharing a board that is updated in real time. By doing so, everyone is always working on the latest iteration. Not only does Magma Studio autosave your work and keep it safe in the cloud – it makes it a truly living document which can be edited in real-time in a non-conflicting manner by up to 30 people at once.


In addition to the collaborative browser-based software, Magma Studio offers both Studio and Enterprise editions for those who want to install it on internal networks.

If Magma Studio seems like something you would like to try, you can try Magma Studio for free at Inquiries regarding the application can be sent to

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