Author: Shawn Paul Wood

Since he saw 'Dune' in the $1 movie theater as a kid, this guy has been a lover of geek culture. It wasn't until he became a professional copywriter, ghostwriter, and speechwriter that he began to write about it (a lot). From the gravitas of the Sith, the genius of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, or the gluttony of today's comic fan, SPW digs intelligent debate about entertainment. He's also addicted to listicles, storytelling, useless trivia, and the Oxford comma. And, he prefers his puns intended.

Opening weekend is over for the return of the Sorcerer Supreme, so according to recent Geek Vibes Nation tradition, it’s time to uncover from our basket of findings in the forest the Top 10 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness easter eggs.  The movie was a financial success. It’s been critically appreciated, including a strong review from our stellar sophist, Dom Fisher. Before discussing the hidden gems inside the Multitude of Madness, let’s determine what is not an Easter Egg.  The key to an “Easter Egg” in a movie is a hidden reference, homage, or even inside jokes and shout-outs. Like a hunt…

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