Get ready for Batman: Three Jokers. Because, who can ever just have one?

The Joker changes comics forever and now, Batman: Three Jokers looks to re-examines what drives the Joker. Who is he? What is he? Writer Geoff Jones and artist Jason Fabok get tonight to tell the story of Batman and The Joker. Why are there three Jokers? You’ll find out in this miniseries, where Batgirl and Red Hood will work together to solve a mystery that they’ve never had to face before.

Batman: Three Jokers is a three-issue comic with 48 pages each issue. Three Jokers is under DC’s Black Label, which means the content is for readers 17+. Expect to see issue #1 release on June 17th of this year.

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Batman: Three Jokers Announced for June!

Fan-Favorite Team of Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson

Deliver Triple the Fear, Mayhem and Madness in Three-Issue Miniseries

Following an exclusive interview on, DC is finally revealing to fans details on one of the most talked about and highly anticipated miniseries in comics, Batman: Three Jokers.

Eneba Many GEOs

30 years after The Killing Joke changed comics forever, Batman: Three Jokers re-examines the myth of who, or what, is the Joker and what is at the heart of his ongoing battle with Batman. New York Times bestselling writer Geoff Johns and Eisner award winning artist Jason Fabok reunite to tell the ultimate story of Batman and The Joker!

After years of anticipation, the epic story is finally here: find out why there are three Jokers, and what that means for the decades-long battle between the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime. In this powerful, emotional story Batman, Batgirl and Red Hood—all past victims of the Joker—work together to solve a mystery unlike anything they’ve ever faced before!

Here for the first time are the main covers to the full 3 issue series, beautifully drawn by Jason Fabok with colors by Brad Anderson. In addition, here’s a first look at some interior art by Fabok and Anderson for your viewing pleasure.

Batman: Three Jokers is a 3-issue, 48-page (per issue) prestige format limited series and will carry DC’s “Black Label” content descriptor (for readers 17+). Issue #1 arrives in comic book stores and participating digital retailers on June 17, 2020.

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