Best 5 Video Games That Help You to Improve Your English

Video games began as entertainment tools. Over time, they have become useful avenues to learn new skills like language, coordination, and math, among others. Developers are using video games to help students learn English at different levels while they get entertained or socialize.

Video games create an exciting atmosphere that will help you to remember the English concepts you are learning. It is also a way to extend your study time without the pressure or fatigue of a learning environment. You can play video games anytime and anywhere, enabling you to keep learning away from class.

Why use video games to learn English?

Video games cover English concepts at all levels. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner, you will find a video game or a feature to fit your learning needs. You also do not require a teacher to learn English using video games.

Video games are interactive. This is the perfect environment to learn any concept. The idea of winning and graduating to a higher level provides the excitement you need to keep learning. It will also enhance your memory.

The games are designed like a natural environment where you use English. You can choose particular responses for the same situation. It will enhance your creativity and also help you to use the language better in real life.

Video games allow you to learn English at your pace. It will depend on the hours you commit to practice and play. This is a perfect approach to reducing the pressure that comes with learning new concepts. It also allows you to adapt your learning sessions to your daily schedule.

You can choose a game that addresses your learning needs. For instance, if you love racing, there are games designed with racing in mind. If you love swimming or the jungle, you will learn with the perfect gaming model for your passion. It makes learning interesting and relaxing.

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Best English learning video games

  1. Influent

Are you a beginner learning English? This is the perfect video game to start your English learning journey. The game takes you to a modern apartment where you can click on every object. The name of the object will be read aloud. The game is designed to introduce you to the English language using your ordinary items.

You can recognize the items in the apartment because they are used every day. The items will also appear in your daily conversations. Influent has a simplistic interface reducing the time it takes to begin learning. As you advance to higher levels, you begin to handle more complex objects and pronunciations. The plot is so interesting that you might spend all your day playing.

  1. Professor Garfield: Reading Ring

Garfield is a cat thrown into a boxing ring. Only your language skills can save him. The game uses cartoon characters, making it even more exciting to play.

Each level comes with three comic pieces. You will save the cat based on the content of the comic. You, therefore, need to understand the comic. Custom dissertation writing services take away your assignments, helping you to meet deadlines, create more time to play, and also boost your grades.

You have to answer three questions related to the comic. Once you click on the panel, the answer will be read out loud. The game will boost your comprehension skills even as you have fun.

  1. Orwell

The game is named after George Orwell, an author who wrote about government surveillance in 1984. However, you will take the place of an observer.

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The game comes with surveillance fantasy that will help to advance your reading skills. The information received in the course of surveillance requires you to make the right ethical choices. You must be a good reader to go through chats and conversations of your targets. It will help you to develop intermediate-level reading skills.

  1. Bubbles

Do you want to perfect your sentences? Bubbles is the video game to play. The game displays an activity. Your work is to describe it using words in the bubble. As you select the words in the bubble, the balloon reduces. It gives you a chance to move to the next level.

Bubbles has an easy interface and an interesting plot. You can select the category of bubbles to pop. It is one of the most interesting English learning video games to play.

  1. 21 Days

The video game will allow you to learn English in 21 days. It is based on the refugees’ theme, an issue that is becoming increasingly common. You will experience what they go through each day. For instance, you may be a Syrian refugee trying to find food. It uses simple sentence structures and a realistic plot.

Video games are changing the way people learn English. Choose a video game with features that will cater to your learning level. It should be engaging and addictive enough to enable you to practice for long hours and master the language.

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