Are you waiting for a screen recorder in HD quality without costing any penny? Choosing a right place application for your screen recording and editing can be cumbersome. We made it easy for you. iFun Screen Recorder is the solution to the inefficient downloading. Downloading is also an excellent way to get the videos you want, but sometimes the downloading speed and network connection become the primary hindrance in downloading. The iFun Screen Recorder sorts out all these problems in one place. You can record any screen after authorization if there is a copyright issue.

Easy to Use:

iFun Screen Recorder is user-friendly. Its algorithms are too simple to understand. If you are a beginner there and don’t know about its capturing and editing process, follow the quick and straightforward directions; you’ll be master within no time.

Record Every Precious Moment Of Your Life with Screen Recorder:

Here I am, flushing out your desires. Life is monotonous, and sometimes, when you talk to your best buddies or your siblings far away from you, you want to capture them in one frame. iFun Screen Recorder is always there to help you make beautiful memories. You can record live videos, video conference recordings, or movie recordings as well. Along with it, the young children of today want to record their games in HD quality. The recording is clear for the 2D/3D games such as Minecraft, World of Warcraft, league of Legends up to 60Fps, and no frames. To add more efficiency to your life, the team is updating the features from time to time, and the best one is automatic scheduling the time. If you are a student, you want to record the lectures daily, and you don’t wish to interrupt that class. There is a finding for you; you can schedule the time of start and end of recordings at your convenience. The facecam function of this online screen recorder allows you to record your face in online tutorials. Enjoy your games with your blossom friends with this recording feature of iFun Screen Recorder.

Do Custom Editing:

It all ends up your imagination. IObit provides you a recorder with a light built-in video editor. Now the editing demands no more software. Let’s mark your every step to career success; you can trim, cut or split the captured videos with the primary editor.

Audio Recording of the Sound that Rocks:

No other recorders give you this opportunity to record the audio/ video files separately. Now you can have an extra audio file while recording. There is an option of renaming the file. No format restriction is for you. If you close the eyes listening to the recorded audio, you will mark no difference between the recording and the original talks. Every syllable inside the background, speaker, and your tiny microphone records perfectly, and all these are free of cost for you.

Turn Down Distractions by iFun Screenshot:

Nowadays, screenshots have become mandatory, especially for working people. They take the screenshots and direct them to their associates. Now, this process is one click away for you. This free screen recorder takes the screenshots and directly sends the picture to other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. To mark the critical points, you can edit the Screenshot online like editing frames, circles lines, etc.


iFun Screen Recorder has already been in one tool, which is easy to utilize. It meets the need of you if you want smooth screen recording, basic video editing, and sharing it to popular social platforms to catch the attention of massive people there.

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