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When it comes to Disney+ and it’s upcoming November premier, Disney CEO Bob Iger is looking at his new service as another great choice for streaming fans. He doesn’t however, see it as a rival to the more established Netflix. At least not at this early stage. In fact, he readily acknowledged the skill at which Netflix has dominated the streaming universe til this point while talking on the BBC Media Show.

I think Netflix is a volume play, with a lot of quality in it. Huge volume, and they created the market and the direct-to-consumer space with video — and brilliantly, by the way — and globally.

And while Iger doesn’t believe Disney+ is in a competition with Netflix, he does believe that in time they will be. At least as far as subscription growth.

Now we haven’t started yet, so the way I look at it, we have the potential to get as many subscribers as Netflix does. We’re not projecting that at all, but one could argue that with a service like ours, anyone that has subscription, over-the-top — essentially television — will be interested in what we have.

Of course, it is not only Disney+ and Netflix that are vying for our streaming dollars. They are just a couple of the growing numbers. Along with the recently started Apple TV+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and the impending HBOMax, they are all trying to find their niche. The question is, who will you choose? Share your favorites with us at Geek Vibes Nation.

Source: Comicbook.Com

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