Brendan Fraser Cast in Live-Action Doom Patrol

For any 90s kid, Brendan Fraser is an icon. He was in all of our favorite movies growing up and after a hiatus, it seems Fraser is slowly stepping back into Hollywood. If you have the time, you should take a moment to read Fraser’s write-up with GQ magazine, as it is both beautiful and heartbreaking. In the most recent years, Fraser has gotten more into television with Texas Rising, The Affair, and Trust.

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Fraser will also be joining DC’s upcoming Doom Patrol series, which will be featured on the streaming service DC Universe. Fraser will play one of the leads, Robotman/Cliff Steele. His biography is that he was a former racecar driver who was in a horrific accident and now his mind is inside a powerful robot. In the current timeline, Fraser will only be lending his voice, but appear as Cliff in flashback scenes.

Doom Patrol was written by Jeremy Carver, the show will feature some of DC’s rejects who will band together to find the weirdest and darkest corners of the universe. The show will premiere in 2019.

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