Jacob Betrand’s character, Hawk; is undoubtedly one of the best karate fighters in Netflix’s Cobra Kai. Due to having to throw down some epic choreographed moves, the actor has expressed that the show has made him become active in martial arts in real life:

“I started doing Muay Thai again and more Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I got really into UFC and MMA during the offseason because we’re around a lot of the stunt guys all the time and they’re super into it. Just by associating with them I kinda got into it. I love being active and martial arts is something you can do on your own.”

In the same interview, Betrand talked about playing Hawk:

“There’s just so many dimensions to the kid. I love getting to bring back parts of Eli while I’m Hawk. It’s almost like two different characters because there is such a big split between them. But they have the same insecurities and it really is the same kid at the end of the day.”

What do you think about season three of Cobra Kai and Hawk’s development?

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