Our Goals 

Our goal with Geek Vibes Nation Patreon page is to make an environment healthy enough to have heated debate without hating each at the end of it all and to do that we have decided to do monthly Tournaments within our Patreon page and the tournaments will be held on either Geek Vibes Nation Twitter page or Aj_GeekVibes.

We also want to start paying for our contributors so we can have more content for you all and when we earn enough money we can start to donate some of our earning that deserve the money like the manga/anime industry, who do not get paid enough and comic book industry, who also deserve to get be paid more and other organization or support pages that we think that deserve.


Within the Patreon page, we will have different tiers for different versions of each tournament. The Tiers will range from one through three between Movie tournaments, Anime tournaments, and Comic-book tournaments. 

Each tiers will have a different value to them, for example, if you are Tier one, which is $2 a month, if you win your prize will be between $5-$15, Tier two, which will be $5 a month, prizes will be between $15-$20, and Tier 3, which will be $10 a month, prizes will be between $25-$30.

Eneba Many GEOs

It does not matter what tier you are in, it will be under the same tournament. For example, Tier 1-3 will be under the movie tournament, another Tier 1-3 will be under the Comic book Tournament, etc.

Rules and Tournament Style

  1. The Tournament will be single-elimination, that way we won’t have an overabundance of comments.
  2. Tournaments will be held Monday-Friday.
  3. Saturday-Sunday will be voting day; at the end of the debate I will place a poll for anyone to vote for the one that had the better argument
  4. I will have the roaster up two days before each tournament that way you will have time to do research.
  5. Having feats is great and all but make sure to use your imagination, when it comes to the comics-book tournaments and Anime tournaments.
  6. The Winner will be announced after each tournament is over, one or two days after the tournament is over we will send out confirmation as proof.
    • (All you have to do is take a picture with the prize and post it on social media)

Join Our Patreon and have Fun

Let us know if you are interested in joining our Patreon page and when you do join make sure to let us know which tournament you would like to join.




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