The 2020-21 NFL regular season is back on track after a series of game schedule rearrangements and proposals due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will open on September 10, 2020, with Houston Texans grappling against the Super Bowl LIV defending champions, Kansas City Chiefs.

After that, the remaining thirty teams will also have their first game divisional playoffs in their respective conferences. While the NFL is underway, DFS football is a game you can play with your trusted online sportsbook. This game works like the real NFL. However, you must build your roster and compete with other fantasy players in the category you’d like to play.

For pro fantasy bettors, playing DFS football might be easier, but for newbies, it may come as challenging. Hence, if you are one of those beginner DFS NFL players, we will show you some useful tips on how to play this game successfully. Rest assured that you won’t just save your time, money, and effort, but you’ll also learn what the DFS football community is all about.

Max Out All Newbie Players Offers

If you find yourself getting confused about which site you’d like to register and play DFS football, always find time to read the terms. Apart from that, you must validate the bonuses offered if it is realistic. Once you found the right bookie, make sure to max out all bonuses given to newbie DFS bettors as this is not given to some sites.

Get Disciplined

Do know that when playing and betting on the DFS, there is no formula you can follow to win consistently. Even seasoned bettors have their losing times. It is a game of luck, and the right strategy might help you. But you might also fail at times. When you are into DFS football, make sure that you don’t get too confident if you win the day or get disappointed if you lose a lot.

Know How To Build A Solid Line-Up

As mentioned, you must create your roster when playing DFS football. You have to ensure that all your players are driven to come up with a winning team. You can check each NFL player’s current scores and latest performances to see if they are the right choice. Also, you can heed to reviewing the player’s injury reports to get updated.

Find The Right Contest

DFS football, like other fantasy sports, is played in two categories. Cash games are the most played category, and it is where you can find many newbie bettors. It is an easy game where you can compete with other players, and the amount you bet might be doubled if you win.  The other one is the Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) and mostly played by seasoned DFS players, where a pot prize is at stake regardless of the number of bettors and bet amount.

Be Part Of The Community

Besides that money you can win, fun and enjoyment are other things you should earn while playing DFS football. Although, for some, this is a boring game. But for people who take this seriously, the excitement it can give is different. Always be part of the DFS football community by talking with other bettors and discussing which football players are good bets.

Don’t Dwell Too Much On Popular Plays

Popular plays are important to GPP’s. Besides going against a lot of fantasy bettors, you must ensure a solid and victorious line-up to take the big prize at stake. However, if you are a newbie DFS bettor, don’t focus too much on popular plays. Instead, dwell on finding players with high ceilings, which can provide greater winning value.

Consider Player Projections

Every week, the NFL community and bookies are updating players’ lines and odds. Through this, you will understand how they currently rank and how their performances are scored so far. If you would like to find the best football players to include in your DFS football line-up, consider each player’s projections and make sure to be updated all the time.

Learn To Find High-Value Plays

DFS football must be taken seriously, especially if you are a newbie player. You are spending hard-earned money to deposit in your betting account, and every penny should count. When playing DFS football, always take the time to find contests and plays that offer high value. Your goal is to end the game victorious regardless if the stakes are too high.



Technically, DFS football is a form of entertainment that allows every sports bettor to earn money. For football fans who watch NFL games every year, DFS is surely an excellent investment to consider as it allows you to build your team using the best players in the field. If you’d like to get into the zone as a newbie DFS football player, make sure to apply the tips above and don’t stop researching to win the day.

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