If you have been following Harley Quinn: Black+ White+Red thus far, you know the score. If you  include this newly released 11th chapter in the 14 part series, it is Harley Quinn eleven, everyone else zero. This week comes another original tale from Simon Spurrier, artist Otto Schmidt and letterer Gabriela Downie. As our friends at DC Digital first explains:

Hammering fans weekly with Harley Quinn stories in the vein of Batman: Black & White, the eleventh chapter of Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red has arrived! Simon Spurrier (John Constantine: Hellblazer) writes and Otto Schmidt (Green Arrow) illustrates this eleventh of the fourteen-chapter anthology series. As always, it is now available on participating digital platforms. These include readdc.com, Comixology, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and more!

Chapter 11: Hypothetically Speaking

In Spurrier and Schmidt’s Harley Quinn story, the concept is simple: kill the Batman. And the Flash, and Wonder Woman, and maybe Superman. At least, hypothetically. And hypotheticals are all Harley Quinn’s got. Harley takes center stage as she regales a bar full of Gotham’s scummiest scumbags on how she would take down the Justice League. However, her solutions are anything but simple…

Harley Quinn Black + White + Red Chapter Eleven by Simon Spurrier and Otto Schmidt is lettered by Gabriela Downie. It is available now, along with previous chapters by great creators such as Stjepan Šejić, Mirka Andolfo, Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodriguez. As well as Tim Seeley, Juan Ferreyra, Riley Rossmo, Sean Murphy, Katana Collins and Matteo Scalera. And don’t forget Erica Henderson, Daniel Kibblesmith, Marguerite Sauvage, Joe Quinones and Dani.

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Whatcha Waiting for?

Have you been following along the diverse storyline that is Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red? If not this is a great place to start. Each tale is self contained with a new writer and artist giving their take on Miss Harley Quinn. Once you’ve read this one you can catch up on the others. With three Chapters to go you best get on it. Then you can share your thoughts on the series with us at Geek Vibes Nation.

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