American Gods season two is something I have been keeping a very close eye on. Not only do we have new faces like Dean Winters as Mr. Town and Devery Jacobs as Sam Black Crow and Kahyun Kim as New Media, but apparently we have a casting that I did not know about. Mustafa Shakir premiered in Luke Cage season two as the villain turned anti-hero Bushmaster who I was all too happy to see more of, but as we all know, Netflix decided to discontinue their relationship with Marvel. But, not to make this article about that, I instead wanted t share THIS tweet:

Um, when did this happen? I have been paying very close attention to the news surrounding the second season of the Starz show and haven’t seen anything announcing Shakir’s involvement. While I can’t see to find a corroborating story, the actor only had an icon as a reply to the person asking the question. In lore, Baron Samedi is a god of Haitian Voodoo and again, I have not seen anything except this to back the claim up, but if the actor retweeted it with an icon similar looking to Baron Samedi, then is it true? Please, let it be true!

American Gods returns March 10th.

Eneba Many GEOs
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