Earlier today, Dr. Strange director, Scott Derrickson announced that he will be leaving Twitter. But he sure as heck isn’t leaving Instagram, as he posted this cryptic message just hours after his announcement.

“Not my will, but thine be done…” See you in September.

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What could this mean? I believe it means, the now confirmed, Dr Strange sequel will begin filming in September! If we’re keeping track here, at that point it would seem to be that Guardians 3, Black Widow, Far From Home, and Dr Strange 2 will all be in production at the same time, with the Avengers 4 editing process still happening as well. What a time for Marvel Studios! If these things hold true, it mean that the November 2020 Marvel release will be Dr Strange 2, with Guardians 3 in May, and Black Widow in July. The only factual details we know, however, is from Kevin Feige saying that there will be a Dr Strange 2. We all can assume that Benedict Cumberbatch will return to play the mystical doctor, and that Marvel will continue it’s trend of letting directors finish out their stories by retaining Scott Derrickson.

Is this exciting for you all? Or do you think 3 Marvel movies in a span of 7 months might be a little too much? Are you looking forward to Dr Strange 2, or would you rather them leave it alone after the first Dr Strange? Let us know in the comments below!

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