Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship will be on the line in the Elimination Chamber Match on Sunday, February 21. The match was announced by a returning Shane McMahon on the February 8 edition of Monday Night Raw.

McIntyre will defend his title on that night against five tough challengers. Stepping up to face McIntyre is AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Sheamus, The Miz and Randy Orton. But who comes out with the win?

Drew McIntyre has been elevated as the top babyface in Vince McMahon’s company since 2020. The Scottish Warrior went from being one of the most vile heels in WWE one year before, to being one of the most popular protagonists on the roster. He’s come a long way during his career and his time to shine is finally here.

Drew has proven his worth as a main event guy and he will get the chance to do that once again inside the Elimination Chamber. But while many fans believe he’s a sure bet to win, it’s possible that WWE has other plans.

McIntyre’s Challengers

AJ Styles is always a threat to the WWE Championship. He’s a star who can be trusted to take the mantle of champion and run with it on any given night. He’s even more of a threat now, thanks to his seven-foot bodyguard Omos. Omos is a constant presence at ringside and could be the X-Factor for Styles, even inside the Chamber.

Jeff Hardy is one of the most over Superstars in the history of WWE. His personality, charisma and daredevil style made him a legend in the company. Much like AJ, Jeff could conceivably become champion again at anytime. Perhaps he will do exactly that on February 21.

Sheamus once called himself Drew McIntyre’s best friend. But all of that changed when The Celtic Warrior delivered a Brogue Kick to Drew, blindsiding him in the middle of the ring. Sheamus has always been a reliable talent between the ropes and if WWE calls his number to be champion again, he will surely answer.

The Miz is already a threat to McIntyre’s championship because of the briefcase he carries with him. Miz is Mister Money in the Bank and he could cash in that briefcase whenever he wants. It’s possible that even if he doesn’t last in the Chamber, he could come back at the end and take the title from Drew.

Randy Orton has already been down the road and back against McIntyre. As a result, the two men know each other very well. Orton is close to matching the all-time record for world championships. It’s only logical that he will eventually get to that plateau and he could get one step closer with a win in the Chamber.

All five men are former WWE champions and each man is fully capable of winning the title again. But whether or not that will happen so close to WrestleMania 37, is up for debate.

The Best Move for McIntyre?

Why take the championship off of Drew right now? What would be the reason? Either the company is behind him, or it’s not. Though he did lose the title Orton, he won it back almost immediately. Then there’e  the fact that Drew went over on Goldberg at the Royal Rumble. All of this suggests that WWE is indeed in McIntyre’s corner.

But in the world of WWE, fans have learned to expect the unexpected. The temptation to take the belt from Drew and once again give it to Orton may be too much to resist. Orton would then go on to face Royal Rumble winner Edge at Mania. Edge and Orton have serious heat and a WrestleMania win by The Rated-R Superstar could be the best way to end that heat.

Jeff Hardy has a history with Edge as well, perhaps that’s the direction WWE will go. Then there’s Styles, who would undoubtedly have a great match with Edge at WrestleMania. The only two men that truly seem like long-shots to win on February 21 are Sheamus and The Miz. But would a victory by either man actually be that much of a surprise to fans, considering WWE’s track record?

The fact is that despite any plans that may exist, keeping the title on Drew McIntyre seems like the best move. He’s the top guy on Raw, he’s one of the best in the company and he’s definitely on his game. McIntyre versus Edge would be a main event match on any card, especially WrestleMania. Whether or not that’s the match fans will actually get on The Grandest Stage of Them All is anyone’s guess..

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