With the popularity of the Star Wars Battlefield games, it seemed a no brainer that another would follow. In fact, the plans were in the works through Electronic Arts to do just that. However, it was recently revealed that the aforementioned sequel was cancelled due to a scheduling problem. There was no way to meet the deadline for the projects completion.

This latest game, which went under the code-name Viking, was originally planned for release in fall 2020. This would hopefully coincide with the release of the next generation of consoles. However, it soon became clear to EA’s executives that the timeline established was going to be unrealistic. Just like that, Viking was no more.

With this cancellation, it would make the third Star Wars game to meets its untimely demise under the watchful eyes of Electronic Arts since 2017. Fortunately, games like Jedi Fallen Order have come through for those Star Wars fans seeking gaming action. EA has announced a sequel to Jedi Fallen Order at Respawn and a smaller, more unusual project at EA Motive.

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Source: Kotaku.Com

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