We have been following with great interest Ahoy Comics clever new series Happy Hour. If you haven’t had the chance, it tells the tale of a not so distant future society that makes it illegal to not be blissfully happy. Regardless of what is transpiring or how it might effect you. If you appear to be a gloomy Gus, you could find your way to the “readjustment center.” Which is where are heroes Jerry and Kim met. They both refused to toe the happy line and were scheduled for treatment. Supposedly to fix said deformity. Fortunately for Kim and Jerry, they found a way to avoid that outcome by using alternative treatment. It was called “getting out of Dodge.” Now they are out in the world, looking for a place to be miserable in. Doesn’t THAT sound like fun?

Thanks to our friends at Ahoy, we have an exclusive sneak peek of the first five pages of Issue 3. When we last left our heroes Kim and Jerry, Kim had apparently taken their stolen Clown Mobile. She left Jerry at the old folks home where his grandmother lives. He was stranded.

Meanwhile, back at the Readjustment Center, their former role model Hamm had succumbed to their world renowned “Puppy Treatment.” He was as happy as a pig in slop…at least he appeared to be. A far cry from the man who used to brag about his time with Landor Cohen where misery was embraced without fear of reprisals.

Ahoy Comics: Happy Hour, Issue 3 Exclusive Preview

In a near-future America where unhappiness is a crime, paranoia poisons the relationship between fugitives Jerry and Kim at exactly the wrong time: they’re abducted by a town that’s throwing a pageant to celebrate joy, with their slow execution as the weekend’s entertainment! Plus the usual AHOY assortment of illustrated prose stories. Coming January 6th 2021.

Sounds like Jerry might be having doubts about his stance about constant misery. Of course, what Kim and Jerry are really fighting for is to feel however you WANT to feel. But will they find a place that allows for that? Also, will Hamm be able to pull off whatever he has planned? Stay tuned to Ahoy Comics Happy Hour to find out. Happy Hour issue 3 is coming January 6th, 2021. You can find our reviews for Issue One and Two here and here.

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