As fans of Disney+’s The Mandalorian, we are always looking for new information. With that in mind, Extraction Director Sam Hargrave recently discussed his participation in the 2nd season. He performed the role of second unit director for the show. He explained his role and how it transpired while discussing his work on Extraction.

They actually came to me. It’s crazy. I was in the middle of post [-production on Extraction] and I’m editing my movie and I got a call from my buddy Colin Wilson, one of the line producers, who said, ‘Jon [Favreau] and the people over here are looking for someone to bring into the team or add to the family who has experience with action.’ The team that was there did a great job in the first season and it was just all fun. But they wanted to build on that and bring a new perspective and take it to another level for the next season. So, I was like, ‘That sounds like a fun challenge.’”

It was an easy decision for Hargrave as he was already familiar with some of the people who worked on the series and was a fan of Jon Favreau. He was surprised of some of the things they did.

They have a crazy way of shooting. Some of the stuff is traditionally shot, with the live-action and blue screen on the backlot, but they’ve also got this technology called ‘The Volume’ where it’s just, like, the inside of a live game engine. It’s quite insane what technology nowadays is available to filmmakers. It was really eye-opening, the potential of this technology that Jon and they guys had been working on. It was a really fun learning experience.

Hargrave’s addition makes sense for his experience in action and will no doubt reap benefits for the 2nd season. Does the addition of Hargrave make you more excited about the 2nd season of The Mandalorian? As if we need another reason. Share your thoughts with us at Geek Vibe sNation.

Source: Collider

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