The new Sonic Movie seems to be somewhat of an illusion, with little hints of the film popping up here and there. We’ve already gotten a poster or two of what Sonic, the popular video game character; looks like, but besides that we haven’t heard a lot. Below, though; is a tweet that seemingly features what Jim Carrey’s Robotnik is going to look like. See for yourself:

Eneba Many GEOs

If the rumor in this tweet is true, then we should be getting a trailer tomorrow to give us some insight as to what we can expect. Live-action iterations are the rage right now, as both The Lion King and Pokemon are getting their own versions of “live-action”, but we’ll have to see how the Sonic one pans out. The Sonic film reportedly comes out on November 8th of this year, with Ben Schwartz as Sonic.

What do you guys think so far?

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