Chloe Ray Warmoth is one of the stars of GREATLAND, a fantastical new fantasy film set in a post-Covid world. The role of ‘Ugly Duck’ in the Dana Ziyasheva’s film – due on Amazon VOD on November 1 – is quite a departure for the talented and versatile actress, best known for her work on TVs “Fuller House” and the “Trevor and the Virgin” films.

Where’s home for you?

I grew up in beautiful Grand Haven, Michigan and will always be a Michigander at heart! I moved to the Los Angeles area when I was 14 years old to study acting. I was the only one of my acting friends who attended regular high school versus online school and I just loved being a normal teenager. It was also important to my parents for me to have a typical high school experience. At times it was a lot to juggle, but I had amazing teachers who were very supportive. I graduated from John Burroughs High School in Burbank, CA, and that is where a lot of my friends are, so, to answer your question, that feels most like home. I currently live in Orange, CA where I am a film student at Chapman University’s Dodge College.


When did you begin acting?

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My brothers and I were always creating plays and filming skits we wrote. I officially began acting around the age of 8 in community theatre, I played the seductress, Mrs. Potipher, in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. I remember the director calling my mom and asking if she had any problems with me playing that role at that young age…. but I knew I could pull it off!


And was there a role, you feel, really set your career on fire?

I think the roles that made me most recognizable would be playing Coco on Fuller House and playing Martha from the Hooked App’s Trevor and the Virgin and Trevor and the Virgin 2. ​The Hooked App is #1 on the App Store in 25 countries, so it reaches an audience of 50 million, Trevor and the Virgin was their first film (as opposed to written content) so my face was kinda everywhere. In the works, I have a spin off, to director Jeff Jenkin’s Trevor and the Virgin, a new series entitled “Martha and the One”. It is a 6 episode series where I will be taking my Martha character from Trevor and the Virgin and exploring her growth into a stronger more confident young woman. Unfortunately production is currently on hold for this one due to Covid-19. ​Greatland was my first feature film, so it will always have a strong and fond place in my heart and I am hoping it furthers my career as well. Additionally, I have another independent feature film being released soon entitled West Michigan, so be on the lookout for that!

It’s fair to say GREATLAND is unlike any prior credit you have on your resume! How did it come about?

I got involved with Greatland through a very typical process, answering a casting call, and then a series of auditions and callback auditions. I remember thinking this was just such a creative script from a very intellectual mind and I just had to be a part of it! Dana ​Ziyasheva ​(writer/director) is sure to make her mark in this world, and I was just thrilled to be part of this project.


Did you understand the filmmaker’s vision right off-the-bat?

Dana had a very clear vision for this film and the role of Ugly Duck. I had the jist of where her vision was off the bat, but it wasn’t until ​Arman Darbo, who plays Ulysses, and I took part in world-building exercises for Greatland that I totally became immersed in her vision.

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