In The Hex a grieving girl unravels her murdered mother’s secrets connected to a witch doctor’s curse. She wants to put an end to this haunting hex by traveling to where it originated, but her journey casts her deeper into sinister depths. We spoke to music superstar turned actress Coco Lloyd about the film!

GVN: There’s scary films… and then there’s “The Hex”. Was it as scary to film as it was to watch!?

COCO: Some parts of it for sure – I did jump a few times being around the effects make up! And the team threw a few surprise scares at each other also!


What do you believe makes it so spooky?

I feel it’s the real life witchdoctor culture that makes it scary, also a lot of people can relate to wanting answers after a family member passes, and doing anything to be able to get those answers. So the two combined make it very emotional


The characters are also very grounded – similar in fashion to “The Ring” and “A Quiet Place” – so I think the audience can easily port themselves into your shoes.

Exactly! . Oh the Ring was one of the films that scared me the MOST I can’t ever watch that one again haha. If the audience finds it half as scary as The Ring I would be so happy! 


How alike your character are you?

We had a lot of similarities! I’m for sure very creative like Dillane and I love art – however she is a lot more quiet and pensive than I am. 

Is there anything in the film you struggled with filming though?

When I landed in South Africa I unfortunately had the WORST flu a few days later, and the first week of filming I was so dosed up and trying not to sneeze between lines! The make up artist had to keep powdering my nose to get rid of the red! 


Have you had the opportunity to watch the film with an audience?

I actually have! We all got to see it on the big screen at the American Film Market – the main thing was to see the audience’s reactions who had never seen it and had no idea what was coming – everyone jumped a lot so that was perfect!


You’ve recently formed your own production company. What sort of projects are you developing?

I am in the middle of getting two shorts done for 2021 to go through the festivals and I would love to do a second feature in 2022!


THE HEX is now out from Cleopatra Entertainment

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