When it comes to writing in all manner of genres, Benjamin Percy is a multi-tasker supreme. Whether it be novels like The Wilding, Red Moon, The Dead Lands or The Dark Net or perhaps taking on iconic comic characters like Wolverine, Batman or Green Arrow. He tackles each writing assignment with no fear and a real excitement about what might be next. In this case, what was next was WEREWORLD, a novella that he wrote for NeoText with illustrations by Francesco Francavilla. We were able to catch up with Benjamin recently to talk about his start, his choices in writing, and of course, WEREWORLD. So, let’s welcome Benjamin Percy to GVN’s Talking Comics Interview.

Writer Beginnings

GVN: Thanks for giving us a little of your time Benjamin. We know just judging by your website that you are a busy man. So, starting out for those of our followers who might not be aware of you and your extensive library of work, when did you take an interest in writing and what literary works inspired you to pursue that calling?

BP: I’ve always been a voracious reader—and began to scribble out stories and poems in high school. When I headed off to college, I started off as an archaeology major, but when I realized my Indiana Jones fantasies weren’t going to play out, I headed over to the English Department and jump-started a career of making shit up.

GVN: There’s something to be said about “making shit up” and getting paid to do it. You have written several novels as well as different essays, comic books, as well as television and film adaptations. Did you go into writing planning to try your hand at as many different formats as you could or did some of these opportunities just materialize as your early work became more prominent and recognized?

BP: Short stories lead to magazine writing led to novel writing led to comics led to podcasts led to film and tv. I love writing across mediums; I’m never bored and my storytelling arsenal is always expanding.

Character Intimidation

GVN: Were you ever intimidated by a certain project? I have heard some comic writers, even comic superstars like Scott Snyder, have had some trepidation when writing for an iconic character like Batman, Wolverine or X-Men…and you have done all three.

BP: I’m never nervous about it, no. I know it’s cheesy, but writing comics is a childhood dream come true. Every day I’m grateful to sit down and go wild as a custodian of these legacy characters. I want to honor their history while also putting my own unique mark on the franchises.

GVN: Your latest book, WEREWORLD is a collaboration with artist Francesco Francovilla for NeoText. How did that collaboration come about, and did you write Wereworld specifically for NeoText or was it a story you had been working on independently?

BP: I wrote it specifically for Neotext—and with Francesco in mind. In Cycle of the Werewolf, Stephen King partnered with Bernie Wrightson, and we’re channeling the same vibe here. Twelve months, twelve chapters, each featuring a horrifying illustration.


GVN: Could you please give our followers a synopsis of what WEREWORLD is about?

BP: Imagine if The Purge were supernatural. Imagine if—instead of one night a year—the world went wild one night a month, when the moon was full. The story is about a planetary crisis, but it focuses on one neighborhood—over the course of a year—as fear and paranoia grip it and houses become fortresses and neighbors and even families turn against one another.

GVN: You left the ending to WEREWORLD open ended. Do you have any plans to explore more of this story?

BP: I’m currently pitching and adapting Wereworld into a feature screenplay, so the boundaries of the narrative are already expanding. There could be more stories to follow it up certainly.

Social Media

GVN: Thanks once again for giving us some of your time, Benjamin. Before I let you go, where can our fans follow you on online or on social media?

BP: You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, posting comic book art and talking storytelling craft and cracking dad jokes.

WEREWORLD will be published digitally on September 14, 2021.

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