In my time with Geek Vibes, I have quickly learned that comic creators are not only talented, and passionate but they are also hard working. Many of them have ambitions that reach way beyond just telling a story. They want to touch people and expand their reach beyond a select group or groups of people. Writer Jimmy Palmiotti is one such individual. Through his books and his Publishing house Paperfilms (along with his wife and equally talented partner, Amanda Connor), Jimmy has worked with other great talents to make a lasting impact on the comics industry.

Part of that creative drive is always having something new and different coming down the line. That includes his newest Kickstarter, featuring his book with talented artist Scott Hampton called Rage. Fortunately for us, as busy as he is, we were able to catch a few minutes of Jimmy’s time. So, let’s welcome Jimmy Palmiotti to GVN’s Talking Comics.

GVN: Thanks for giving us some time Jimmy. Since this is my first time talking to you, let’s start at the beginning. When did you take an interest in writing and which writers or books inspired you
to pursue writing as a career?


JP: Like many other people, I started reading comic books at a young age and soon graduated to novels. When I hit my teens, I jumped all over the place with different genres. I read Harold Robbins, Stephen King, Peter Straub and so many more. Anything with a good cover because, well…I am a visual person. Later in life I read a lot of autobiographies. Mainly because I was searching for answers to so many things and thought successful people would know something that could help me get there. I have to be honest, I never thought I would become a writer as my main focus was on art.

First, I went to the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan and followed it up with 2 years of college, all focused on art. Eventually, I got a job in an ad agency and worked there till I turned 30 and realized making comics was in my blood and I had to stop with this high paying job crap. I quickly got work and my first writing was done for my own company Event Comics with my then partner Joe Quesada. Since them I have been writing daily and I read less because I am constantly working. I get to sneak a book in now and again though and my last was ‘An American Odyssey’ by Mark Walter and Sabine Arque. Its half research, and all enjoyment. I honestly still feel I have a long way to go as far as being called a writer… I am constantly trying to get better.

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GVN: To say you are a busy man is a massive understatement but let’s focus initially on your upcoming Paperfilms project Rage, which is coming to Kickstarter this week. Tell our followers a little about the book and what they can expect?

JP: With RAGE, readers can expect an adult hardcover graphic novel about a global event that leaves the people on the planet in a state of chaos, but this big story is only a backdrop to a more personal and intimate story about trauma, horror, and forgiveness. You can expect some sex, violence and really cool art by Scott Hampton at his best. We really tried to tell a story that everyone can relate to on some level. The fans will always let us know if we succeeded. They are a very vocal bunch.

Scott Hampton

GVN: A truer thing has never been said. Speaking of Scott, you worked with artist Scott Hampton on this fully painted book. Was that the plan (fully painted) right from the start or did Scott need to convince you to go that route?

JP: Scott always had the freedom to do whatever he pleased with the book, including messing with the script. I was happy with any medium he chose because at the end of the day its about getting across in the art what the story is about and how well we can relate to the main characters. Solid storytelling is the key to everything.

Rage Kickstarter

GVN: Well the samples I’ve seen to this point seems to back up your point perfectly. Now that the campaign has launched, what might fans expect from the Rage Kickstarter? I know you produce high quality books. (I participated in your Sex and Violence Volume 3 book which was really a nice signed book).

JP: Thank you for backing our last Kickstarter! What you also expect with RAGE is a top-quality hardcover, beautiful artwork and design, and within the Kickstarter we are offering a few different pledge levels where you can get original art from the book and some original sketches by me and Scott as well. We also have two amazing covers by Amanda Conner and Bill Sienkiewicz. We try to please everyone, not as easy as you may think.

Paperfilms Worthy

GVN: I find that to be true in any profession. Probably even more so on the creative end. And speaking of the creative end, you created Paperfilms to give talented creators a space to create exciting new adult books with an eye for future adaptation in other media. When you are looking to publish a creator’s work, what criteria are you looking for?

JP: I am only working with people that understand that this is not a side gig, not something you fit between books, and that unless you give these projects your all, I probably am not interested in working with you. I have been working with the best in the field, some new talent and a lot of already established superstars that the big two may have moved on from because they won’t pay them what they are worth. Mainly, I work with people that love what I love, and understand that making a comic is a process that takes time to do correctly. I guess all that boils down to I only work with people that have passion and integrity.


GVN: Thank you so much giving us a few moments, Jimmy. So you have a film being made that is an adaptation of your series Random Acts of Violence, plus your characters being featured on TV (Luke Fox on Batwoman). Before I let you go, what else do you have in the hopper you can tell our fans about? (If that isn’t enough). And where can they go to follow all things Jimmy?

JP: Coming up you can see our version of Harley Quinn in the new Suicide Squad film, and outside of that we have been developing a few properties for TV and film, with Queen Crab, my first Kickstarter, in the lead. There is always a lot going on but little I can talk about till I am given the green light. Let’s just say more cool ideas, a board game and a return to a book no one thought we would ever return to. Hope that is enough of a tease. Lol.

You can find Amanda and I at our PAPERFILMS.COM site and sign up for the mailer through the pop up to get a monthly update to where we are going to be appearing as well as exclusive products and artwork. Thank you so much for asking!

You can check out Jimmy’s Kickstarter here.

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