GVN’s Talking Comics Preview: Coming to ZOOP June 7th ‘Slow City Blues’ by Samuel Haine and Shawn Moll

Imagine that you have been working on a new book since before 2019. You have been fortunate to receive advice from a comic legend like Jim Shooter and are being ably assisted by comic veteran John Livesay. Your publisher is all lined up and you are just about ready to go, when an evil villain you hadn’t suspected comes calling and derails all your best laid plans. COVID springs up in early 2020 and all your hard work appears to have gone for naught. That was the position writer creator Samuel Haine faced with his book Slow City Blues.

About Slow City Blues

Fast forward to today and all that hard work will be rewarded. Because today (June 7th), Slow City Blues will once again be brought forward to the public. Using the new crowd funding service known as ZOOP, Detective John Loris and his 6’6” Skunk Cohort Moof will once again grace the pages of Haine’s long awaited book thanks to artists Shawn Moll and veteran comic artist and inker John Livesay. Along with colorist David Baron, Letterer Thomas Mauer, and Story Consultant Artisha Mann Cooper, their fastidious efforts will come to fruition.

Not only that, but a large number of talented artists have been recruited by Mr. Livesay to supply variant covers for the book. Names like David Finch, Paul Pope, Derrick Chew, Doug Mahnke, Brett Booth, Julian Totino Tedesco, Francesco Mattina, Yasmine Putri, Howard Porter, Phillip Tan, Cary Nord, Pat Olliffe, and Randy Green. That is an impressive list. But what is Slow City Blues about? Who better to explain it than writer Samuel Haine.

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”A detective becomes trapped inside his imagination after a horrible accident. He then has to clean up “Slow City,” which is a physical construct of his imagination. If he is to ever going to make it home to see his wife and son and fix his life. That is for the whole series. As for the first story arc, it is the same except in his imagination, he and his 6’6” Smart Alec Skunk partner Moof, have to race to solve a gruesome double homicide before a gang war erupts and destroys Slow City.”

Mayhem in the Nth Degree

Sounds like just another typical day in the big city doesn’t it? Although, if the sample pages that have been supplied courtesy of the Slow City team are any indication, typical hardly covers it.  In fact, be prepared for mayhem to the nth degree. It is also is quite apparent that Mr. Haine has quite the sense of humor and is a Home Alone fan. That, and he has a warm place in his heart for the Magic 8 Ball…or MB as he refers to the character. Makes sense to me. More than a few times have I thought my employer used the Magic 8 Ball to make decisions. Why NOT make it a receptionist?

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ZOOP Begins June 7th

If all this lunacy looks like your kind of story, be sure to check out their new ZOOP campaign, starting today. As an added bonus, for the first 48 hours of the campaign, they will be running an “early bird” special. If you make a purchase during that time, you will entered to win an original piece of artwork from the series. As seen below. Also look for our audio interview with Sam and John, here on Geek Vibes Nation.

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