GVN’s Talking Comics Preview: Humanoids ‘Shy Ninja’ by Adara Sanchez, Ricardo Sanchez and Arianna Florean

You had me at Ninja

It is somewhat rare that a book essentially written for children will grab my attention. However, Humanoids Shy Ninja was able to do just that. Maybe it was the word “Ninja?” Or perhaps it was because the story behind the book was so good that I couldn’t help myself. But then you throw in the illustrations by Arianna Florean and you have a book that can capture adults as well as children. That kind of book is worth a look see.

Coming June 1st from Humanoids

Coming June 1st, Shy Ninja tells the story of a young girl named Rena who suffers from a social anxiety disorder. She is reluctant to interact with others or even participate in her classroom. And extra curricular activities? Forget about it!

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All of which makes her Mother do everything she can to encourage her to reach out. Which isn’t easy because her Mother is a research scientist working on a artificial intelligence program. So in a sense, she is trying to raise TWO children. Her A.I. Code named Junior and Rena. However, while Junior will accept whatever instructions that are coded in, when it comes to Rena, she would much rather stay in her room and play video games with her friend Sidney.

The “Ghost”

But when her Psychologist Dr. Menoly suggested a Ninja School, and it was echoed by Her Mother and Sidney, Rena reluctantly agreed to at least give it a look. Actually, she just filled out the online application. Just to keep her Mother happy. But when the School’s Instructor, Master Dysart showed up at her door, she reluctantly agreed to check it out. Plus, when he told her about the Ninja’s gift for disappearing, she decided this might be her thing. It didn’t hurt when he told her of the legend of  “The Ghost.” A prophecy about a child with a natural aptitude for the Ninja Ways. A child that would restore the Ninja to prominence. And according to Dysart, Rena is that “Ghost.”

Not What They Seem

At first, even this proclamation didn’t stir Rena into action, but she eventually agreed to try it. From there Rena worked hard to learn the secrets of the Ninja, never suspecting that a more notorious scheme was underfoot. What is the secret behind the “Ghost” Legend and what does it have to do with Rena? Find out by reading the charming Shy Ninja, coming from Humanoids June 1st.

The Story Behind the Story

You might have noticed I mentioned a story BEHIND the story but didn’t tell it. If you want to learn how the story of Shy Ninja came about, check out our interview with one half of the creative brain trust, Ricardo Sanchez. Ricardo tells how his daughter Adara came up with the concept and how it almost went the way of “Funny Farm” to come to life. Coming soon to Geek Vibes Nation.🖖🏻