GVN’s Talking Comics Recap and Review: ‘I Am Hexed’ Issues 1-3 by Writer Kirsten Thompson

Kickstarter campaigns have given those who have dreamed of publishing their own comic works an avenue to do so. In taking that plunge, they have fulfilled a goal they have worked long and hard on, while giving readers an opportunity to be exposed to some original works. Such was the case for writer Kirsten Thompson and her I Am Hexed series. This four issue series is a supernatural political thriller. In Thompson’s narrative there is magic, mystery, personal drama, and by Issue 3, an accidentally produced carnivorous plant. Issue Four of the series is now in Kickstarter. So in conjunction with their new campaign, let’s take a look at what has transpired in issues 1-3.

I am Hexed

I Am Hexed takes place in a part of the world where dirty tricks and disappearing acts have long been a part of the places fabric, Washington D.C. But now we find that some of these phenomena were actually magic based. After years and years of hiding, witches have made their presence known. And like most things that are different and unexplained, people fear them. This of course brings up calls for  regulation of such beings or even the elimination of them. Even in a fictional world, Washington still debates change but has no clue how to bring it about. How typical.

Issue One

In the first Issue, we meet Charlotte “Charlie” Helm. Resident witch on the down-low and aid to Senator Royce. The Senator was Pro-Witch integration which wasn’t exactly a popular stance in this town. In fact, such loyalties could get one in trouble. Especially if that information gets stolen and leaks out, which it did. That just proves that the tolerance level in our nations capital hasn’t improved over the decades, even in fictional accounts. And now the D.O.I. (Department of Interior) is investigating, and their position on witchcraft is no secret. In fact, they are asking a congress for more funding to aid in their cause to shut it down. That leaves Charlie with a decision to make, especially since it is not known in the mainstream that SHE is a witch. Should she support her boss? Distance herself from him or just get out of town? The problem is a group of witches are after her too. But why?

A Place to Stay

After escaping two witches who attempted to collect her, Charlie needed a place to lay low. Fortunately, her former girlfriend (who is also a Witch) lives nearby: Jaya. She agrees to let Charlie crash at her place for now while she snoops about for more information. Someone knows something. Meanwhile, Charlie contemplates what she should do. It’s never a comfortable feeling when other witches are after you. Of course, Charlie knows a spell or two to buy some time. She also needs a person who might be able to help her figure some things out. In other words, she needs a lawyer.

The Incident

When there is a group of people who are in the news and sides are being taken, the worst thing that can happen is an incident. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens when a group of witches are caught painting graffiti on a wall, protesting the governments stand on Witchcraft. When one of those responsible make a run for it, the police shoot her in the back. Aspen Moritz has suddenly become the face of this Witch vs Non-Witches debate and the police’s over reactions to it.  Not the best look for anyone involved. Naturally this increases tensions on both sides.

Issue Two

In her search for a lawyer, Charlie reaches out to an old boyfriend from college. They meet at a café and while he is asking about what is going on, Jaya appears. She informs Charlie that there are two witches standing outside the building. They have found her. Jaya believes that her lawyer lead them here and let’s him know in no uncertain terms how SHE feels about that. But that’s not the immediate problem they have. A couple of government agents have entered and they want to talk to Charlie, alone.

Lawyering Up

However, as they approach, her lawyer friend Marco asks Charlie for a dollar. Once she hands one over, much to her delight, she has become his client. Because of that, he now limits what he is willing to let Charlie say. In other words, Charlie has lawyered up. And before they can ask anything else, Jaya and Charlie leave, as only Witches can. But when they arrive at Jaya’s place, a message is waiting for them.

On her wall is a message that says, “Watch Your Step.” Jaya is not sure what upsets her more. The fact that they marred her wall or the idea that they broke through her defensive spells. Either way, not good. But Charlie had an idea of how to perhaps find out who was responsible. She scraped some of whatever was used to paint the message into a jar, and sealed it. She needed to get it to someone who could trace it. However, she didn’t want to put Jaya at any more risk. She would leave and find another place to stay. Jaya, however, wouldn’t hear of it. They had invaded HER home. Now she wanted a piece of them as bad as Charlie.


With Jaya now on board, Charlie took her message sample to her friend Florence Briar, Herbalist. Florence was a researcher and Witch and she was good at both. So naturally, she was intrigued by the sample and did her best to analyze the substance. After examining it, she found that it was Luciferase. A rare compound and seldom used in spells because of its volatility. In this case however, it created a plant that had a mind of its own. Florence contained the plant in an enspelled pot. However, she insisted Charlie sign a waiver before taking it with her. Plus, since she is now taking a “magically enhanced organism without a license” she demand two things from Charlie. Be careful with it, and if something happens, take notes. Forever the Scientist is Florence.

Tracking the Warning’s Origins

Now that Charlie had the plant, she planned to use it to track its origins. By feeding the plant some more of the wall substance, it immediately reached out and ensnared a young witch. She tried to fight back but between Charlie’s protective enchantments, the plants vines, and Jaya’s baton, she could not escape. But she also wasn’t talking as she used a hidden poison to kill herself: Oleander tooth (Think Marvel’s Hydra Agents). Nothing more to get from her. They did take her cell phone and realize from her Tattoo that she belonged to the Circle. Them again?

However, in knowing that, they needed to erase any trace of their presence. Someone would come looking for her…soon. Charlie used a spell to conceal the woman’s face but they would need to leave. Elsewhere, the tensions between the Witches and Non-Witches was escalating.

Issue 3

Now that Charlie and Jaya knew of the Circle connection, they needed to conceal their presence and any evidence of their appearance. They blanked the woman’s face and Charlie knew any spell driven exit might be detected. So it was time for them to embrace their ancient past. Brooms would be their transportation, as much as Jaya found it positively archaic. Nevertheless, it was effective. The Circle members arrived not soon after Charlie and Jaya had left. It was apparent that whoever had done this, had Circle training. Only a Senior Witch could have blanked the woman’s face like that. It was apparent that there was more to Charlie Helm than meets the eye. They needed to get to the bottom of this.

Revisiting Florence

Jaya and Charlie returned to Florence still carrying their ravenous plant. Florence asked the ladies what they had done to the plant. They quickly explained that Charlie fed it more of the sign scrapings…and it almost ate a Circle Witch. At least until she committed suicide. Charlie then passed over the confiscated Cell Phone. A magical cell phone? Florence was delighted with that prospect. But she would need time to break through the magical enchantments protecting it.

In the meantime, Charlie received a message from Marco. Her boss, Senator Royce had been released from prison. He had other information to relay to her as well. But as Charlie turned to leave, Jaya hesitated. She could no longer take part in her mission. Jaya wanted nothing to do with the Circle. She would stay away from them, and hopefully, they would stay away from her. Charlie understood her reasoning. They shared a kiss before Jaya formed a portal and left and then Charlie mounted her broom and left as well.

Meeting Her Lawyer

It wasn’t long before Charlie was met with another Witch on a broom. Copycat! Fortunately for Charlie, she was clever enough to use a portal in conjunction with her broom to escape and meet with Marco. It appears that not only was Senator Royce was out from jail, but he was continuing with his plans for a benefit dinner that night. Marco then asked Charlie what her connection was with Royce.

It seems that Charlie originally was an intern for the Senator. As time moved on, she became a liaison to other Witches in conjunction with implementing Environmental Regulations. They were spearheading climate change countermeasures. It appears that Washington DC from any reality have parties that fight against Environmental changes. Especially ones that might affect their income. Marco asked if there was anything else she wished to admit to. Charlie looked aggravated at him and answered with one word: NO! Marco seemed satisfied and left, telling her to stay out of trouble. That was like labeling a button: Do not Push! If ever you wanted someone to do the exact opposite.

Attending Senator Royce’s Benefit

Which is of course what Charlie decided. There was now a benefit she needed to attend. She used her magic to disguise herself. Just because she was going to the ball, that didn’t mean she needed to go unprepared. The Event was no different than most in Washington these days. But, as it turns out, it was not unusual for Witches to also attend these gatherings. During such times, these events are normally considered neutral ground. Whether you be Democrat, Republican, or apparently…Witches. Only in Washington can you talk strongly and angrily about your distaste for a group, but act like nothing is wrong during a social gathering with that same group. Almost sounds like wrestling.

The Circle Infiltration

With that being said, it seemed that a group of Witches had decided that neutral consideration were more guidelines than a hard rule. They had gathered on the garden grounds, surrounding Senator Royce. As they approached, they expressed their disappointment at him for not following their rules. Because whatever they wanted from him, he had refused. Fortunately for the Senator, Jaya had also arrived at the benefit and came to his defense.  She constructed a barrier as the Circle Witches attempted to breach it.

But before they could get any further, Charlie joined the fray and gathered the Witches attention. Their FULL attention. This made it easier for Jaya to lower her protection and attack from their flank. Between the two of them, they took them down. This left only the Senator and one of the D.O.I. Agents. Actually, there WERE two, but one of them was on the ground. Upon closer examination, her apparent fellow agent was a Circle member. The evidence was clear. The Circle had infiltrated the D.O.I. Well, that is awkward. Elsewhere, the tensions between the Witches and the Police continued.


Kristen Thompson has created a unique, fun tale with enough nods to current events that they are hard to miss. She has wrapped them in a tale combining political intrigue with the supernatural. In truth, sometimes the hypocrisy of Washington D.C. might be best explained by Witchcraft. The trio of Charlie, Jaya, and Florence are the corner stones of the tale and each is a well-rounded character with Charlie and Jaya making for a nice couple. What the heck happened between those too before? Perhaps we’ll find out when Issue 4 comes out.


Issues One and Two are drawn by Christianne Gillenardo-Goudreau while Issue Three was drawn by Amagoia Agirre as will be Issue Four. The first three covers are drawn by Little Corvus while cover four was drawn by Paulina Ganucheau. Each done in a whimsical and fun style. If you want to read a new approach to Political Intrigue done in an original perspective, be sure to check out I am Hexed and visit the Kickstarter for Issue Four.