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Todd’s Life

Todd’s life sucks. Most of the damage is self-inflicted but let’s not go there. Ok…let’s kind of go there. He has lost his wife and family due to his drinking problem. His art career is going nowhere. He just bought a house using pretty much every penny he owned. Much to the chagrin of his soon to be ex-wife Jess since half of that money was hers. In addition, his new house is haunted and the ghost who lives there has no qualms about killing people.  All except Todd who really wanted her to end his life. Especially since he saw nothing good in his future. But all he got for his trouble was his finger being bit off. Maybe she likes finger sandwiches? So what’s a man to do when he has a haunted house and no escape in sight? That’s where Zenescope’s Possessive Part 2 begins.



The one thing Todd could depend on in his time of need was his alcohol. As long as he kept his stock full, it was a faithful as a good dog. So you can imagine his dismay when he woke from an overnight binge to hear glass crashing to the floor. Come to find out, his upstairs guest decided he didn’t need that crutch. At least not as much as the floor did. Well that’s just fine! There’s more liquor stores around…and they deliver. Before, his replacement…supplies had arrived and Todd could take possession (so to speak), his poor delivery man was told to “split” by the the ghost. And she wasn’t the type to take no for an answer.

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Todd was disappointed. But not as much as his poor delivery guy. Well, there is more than one way to get rid of a ghost. All he needed was the right intervention. So he made a visit with a spiritual professional. At least he hoped so. Surely he would have the answer for his problem. Come to find out, not so much. Although it wasn’t for lack of trying. So now what? It was time for Todd to try to find out about the house and who his phosphorescent roommate was…or used to be.

A Library Trip

Never let it be said that the local library can’t give you the information you need. But now that Todd knew WHO he was dealing with, the problem was to let her know that he wasn’t the cause of her problems. Once he did that, perhaps she would leave him be and allow him to wallow in his self-pity in peace. At least that was the plan. After that, he could try to get on with his life. Take up painting again. Fix the house like he originally had wanted. If he couldn’t sell it, he might as well make it livable. And for the most part, it seemed to workout.

In fact, the “lady” of the house in time became his muse. First, she convinced him to get on with his life. This started with a painting of the house itself. She seemed to like that. He then started featuring her in his paintings and his work began to be noticed. In addition, little by little, the house started to come together. Todd appreciated her inspiration. And she seemed to be pleased by his paintings and the time he spent with her.  After that, things appear to be looking up. What could go wrong? As most readers of comics know, nothing good can ever come from asking THAT question. Because, as good as Todd’s luck seems to have turned, it seemed inevitable that a choice would be made to bring that run to a close. Especially when dealing with turns out to be a jealous ghost.


Possessive is a unique story that combines classic supernatural elements with a twisted sense of humor. Writers Hans Rodionoff, and Adam F. Goldberg have crafted an entertaining mix of horror and the supernatural. They chose to examine this through the viewpoint of a man who was ruining his life enough on his own. Why NOT add a temperamental spirit to the mix? But I suppose it is par for the course for the way his life has been going. Especially amusing is him telling off Katheryn for interfering with his drunken stupor. Imagine her surprise that he considers her a mean ghost. That hurt, I’m sure! Although, her past serves to explain why she is what she is and her opinions on alcohol. So now that things have come to a head, can Todd pull it together and somehow make everyone happy in the end? I guess that’s what Part 3 will ascertain. But so far, Rodionoff and Goldberg have created a compelling story that is a lot of fun. Once you get past all the blood and dismemberments.


When you have created an exciting narrative, it is essential to pull it together with an artist who can handle all the supernatural mayhem that the story requires. That’s where Eduardo Garcia continues his magic. He handles the assignment expertly with emphasis on the our main antagonist who we now know is Lady Katheryn Braidthwaite. His design for her is almost like a female Two-Face in appearance while turning the violence knob on her actions up to Lizzy Borden level. Except she just uses her natural talents of claws, razor teeth and strength instead of an axe. Just as gruesome, just as dead. And well realized by Garcia.

Looking forward to seeing where Rodionoff, Goldberg and Sanchez bring this story in to land. Todd appears to have finally got his life in order. Let’s just see if one impulsive choice brings it crashing down around him. Zenescope’s Possessive, Part 2 of 3 comes out on September 15th.

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