‘Halloween’ 2018 Gets Its Official Trailer And Jamie Lee Curtis Reigns as Scream Queen

Jamie Lee Curtis did not come to play.

The trailer for the upcoming Halloween movie released today and I have to say, there were certain points I held my breath. No matter how many new horror movies we have that are meant to make us want to crawl out of our skin, there’s something about the classic slasher films that still just as terrifying. If not more. We all know the lore of Michael Myers and out of all of the murderous monsters to come from the 80s movie scene, Myers has always been a haunting figure that you know you’d never want to be trapped inside with.


From the trailer, we know that this is going to be a complete showdown between Curtis’s character Laurie Strode and Myers. The scream queen herself returns and she has one clear objective: to kill Michael Myers. While it’s Halloween and children want to come out to play, Laurie sets her sights on ending the madness once and for all. While most would want to throw Myers away and lock away the key, Laurie hopes for him to escape, which is exactly what he does.

I believe this film will be terrifying, on the edge of your seat, and a new adaptation that will pay homage to what we know and love about the Michael Myers films. Of course, the classic music sets the tone, and I appreciate the still 1980s feel. I like that we have Curtis back, instead of the film trying to really appeal too much to a younger audience; what I mean is, it doesn’t seem they’re trying to throw in a bunch of current teens to draw in crowds. They know what works, they know who works, and this is just prime Halloween.

Halloween 2018 hits theaters October 19th.